Sunday, May 4, 2014

He Gets It

Lycan has a basic understanding of pumping. The other day, he was watching me, climbed up on my husband, pointed to his boobs, then looked over at me. Hubby said, "Daddy doesn't give milk out of his yet."

Yesterday, at the hospital, while pumping, Lycan grabbed one of the containers, put it between my boobs, then took a pretend drink from the container.

A little bit ago, he put one of the containers up to his little man boobs.

After that, he put the container up to the pump itself and pretended to drink from the container.

Yes, my son, I am a mobile milk dispenser.

As for Vincent, I tried breast feeding with him last night.  He wasn't into it.  Didn't get frustrated, just didn't know what to do with the nipple.  Wasn't the right type of nipple.  We'll try again today, but if he doesn't take to it, that's fine.  We have bottles and mommy is producing lots of milk.  I'm up to 6-8 oz a sitting now!  That's awesome.  

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