Wednesday, May 14, 2014

About to Have More Space Than I Know What to Do With

Wow, that title didn't seem that long in my head....

Another piece of furniture bites the dust!  When my oldest was born, we had lots of furniture and no space.  With my second son, we have the opposite!  A recliner and three dining chairs.  Our rocking chair broke today.  Good riddance, to be honest, damn thing was unforgiving when it came to bumps and other such ouchies.  Hated that damn thing.  Well, there's plenty of floor for people to sit, I guess.

This Saturday, we're re-homing the ferrets, cage and all.  So that'll free up more space.  Eventually maintenance will finish our bedroom ceiling, which means the bed (and bassinet) will return home.  Which means a lot more space for the boys to roam!  It's good because I'm not a fan of clutter, but I also like to have an inviting home.  It's not very inviting to have to sit on the floor, but another couch will come along eventually!  I figure once Marsden's gone, I'll put the swing where his cage is.  That's really the last large piece of baby furniture left to set up.

So it happened, had to use some formula for Vin, this kid is sucking me dry!  I can barely keep up!  But I didn't stress about it, just gave him some formula.  Which didn't seem like it filled him up.  I gave him the same amount of formula that I give with breast milk, and it didn't satisfy him.  Not until I gave him milk did he fall asleep.  No spitting up.  No gas.  No fussiness, just sleep.  It was nice.  Course not like I was sleeping, had some Starbucks earlier and I've been wired every since.  Learning the art of pacing my energy instead of blowing it all on a cleaning rampage.  And I still have some left in my cup.  Coffee, I mean.  At the risk of a horrid crash, I'm going to attempt to pump again, then feed Vin, THEN try for some sleep.

::watching Adult Swim, wondering how some of these stupid ass shows keep getting renewed::

I'm hungry....

Oh, and today, Vin's "corrected age" (gestational age) is 37 weeks.  His brother was born at 37 weeks 0 days a little over 16 months ago.

I don't think that I'm that sleep deprived, but I must be, because I keep hallucinating, seeing crawling bugs and flying insects when there aren't any.  Hopefully, I'm not just losing my mind.  Doesn't help that hubby found a flea on himself today.  And I found a flea bite on Lycan, learning that he's allergic to their bites like I am.  Our bites turn into blisters.  Great.  I'm hoping it's nothing bad, just a wanderer from outside.  Seems to be typical occurance every spring, a flea finding its way into our home.

With bugs on the brain, it doesn't help that my dry, hormonally rashy skin is acting up again.  Ugh.

Okay, that crash is starting to hit me.  I need to get my pump on right quick!

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