Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wish I Could Chill Out and Go For A Swim

Had my NST and Prenatal appointments today.  I learned what happens to an extremely active baby when they roll onto their cord.  Their cardiac drops to 90-100 and they chill out.  This happened twice, and the second time, he lasted for about a minute.  But he rolls off on his own and then kept a base line of 145-155.  They monitored him for a little longer until the doctor was satisfied and I was released to my second appointment.  I'll just have to remember to not be on my back so much.  I didn't know that that could happen, them laying on their cords, their lifeline, and thus slowing their heart rates!  Not that I've been on my back a whole lot.

Nothing too significant with my second appointment.  I dropped a pound from two weeks ago, so now I'm at 305.6 lbs.  Makes me happy, especially when you calculate how much of that is going bye bye when the baby comes.  And if I keep up on my low carb diet, I'll be able to keep it off, and lose more.  Hopefully get down to my target weight of 245 lbs. or less.

I have a pelvic examine in two weeks (at 36 weeks), then an ultrasound the next day.  After we see his weight, then we'll decide how many newborn diapers we'll need.  My son was only in newborn diaper for 2 weeks before he was bumped up to size one.  We're going to start stockpiling diapers and formula this week.

I still plan on pumping, but it's best to have a back, I plan only pumping for about 3 months, because I need a job.  We'll see how everything goes.  My nips are getting darker and larger; hopefully we'll have better luck this time.

Man, when I got home, I thought I was having legit contractions.  At first, it felt like menstrual cramps, then they spread to my side and back.  I stood up and they lessened, then got stronger.  I walked around.  They went away, then came back, giving me mild pain.  I laid down and they were worse on my left side, so I rolled over and they eventually stopped.  Which was great because I was exhausted.

I'm mentioning them, because I'm having another cramping bout.  Not as bad as it was earlier.

I had these last time with my son.  I had been having Braxton Hicks for several months, and as it got closer to my due date, the BH's got worse and more uncomfortable, often down right painful!  They say that BH's don't hurt, well then again, some women also enjoy labor.  I'm just hoping that this kid can hold out for at least another week.  Wait for May 1 to come so then my health insurance will be active!  If he wants to come early, let it be in a week.  Exactly.  Right on May Day.

Ugh, tired of being tired.  That's only going to get worse.  Tired of being in pain.  Tired of being cranky.  Tired of being whiny.  Tired of being pregnant.  But I've got 3 to 6 weeks left.  Ish.  Think I might try to go to bed early tonight.

Well, next week is the big move!  In terms of transforming the living room to be more newborn friendly, while not too different for big brother.  And in terms of moving the carseat and hospital bag out to the car.  I'm excited.

Then the week after that, I'll be able to see my little guy again.  Hopefully, he'll be more cooperative and we'll get some good portraits!

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