Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Preggo Whinery

Once again, it's late, I'm bored and awake.  At least I'm not nauseous or gassy.  But my son is very much awake.  Some of his kicks are painful today!  He's been putting a lot of pressure on my crotch today, too.  And while I was laying on my side earlier, he kept pushing against the mattress, it was weird.  Felt like he was trying to feel his way out or something.  Definitely wasn't into mommy being comfortable!  Normally he favors my right side, but this evening, he's been checking out the other side, since he's running out of space.

My lower back and side is hurting.  I have no sense of focus or inspiration anymore.  Memory?  What's that again?  Nausea.  Morning sickness.  Exhaustion.  The joints in my right hand keep locking up, especially in my middle knuckle.  Super dry and itchy skin, but it's not over my stomach, but my legs, upper arms, and shoulders instead.  I was having an allergic reaction to something, but I've sense got rid of it and cleaned everything.  Now I can only attribute the itchiness to hormones.

However, I did manage to find some Carbmaster Lactose-Free Milk; it has 3 grams of carbs instead of 12.  And it tastes good for once.  Major score for me!

Before I was having horrific nightmares combining my two worst fears: losing my little boy and zombies.  Now my dreams are more pleasant, in that neither events are happening.  But now I've been having dreams of going into Late Pre-Term labor, but always at the hospital, as I arrive for an appointment.  The best place where my water can break, yeah?  In the dream, I'm always saying, "I'd be happier if I wasn't (insert week) pregnant!"  Not to mention our health insurance doesn't kick in until May 1st.  But I'm getting closer to that safety zone of full-term.

For some reason, I'm really looking forward to week 35.  Don't ask why, I have no clue.  I'm just really excited about it.  Maybe it's because it's the week that I'm moving the carseat and hospital bag into the car?  Exchaning the bouncer for the swing in the living room?  Getting a toy box for the living room?  Or that it's the last week of April, and I'll be one more month closer?

I can't wait until my bassinet gets here this week.

Ugh, I have three appointments this week, one tomorrow and two on Thursday (2 NST's, 1 prenatal).

My freakin side hurts.  I guess I'll try to lay down and fall asleep since I can't focus on writing fanfiction, and all I'm doing here is rambling.  AND here comes the nausea and hearburn.  Figures.

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