Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stroller Shopping

Looking for a new ride for my little man and his coming brother.  We have a Baby Trend Jogger right now; we're using the crap out of it, too--getting my brother's money's worth!  I do love the joggers, not because I'm a jogger, but because I like the three wheels and the off road capabilities that the larger wheels offer.  However, I don't care for our jogger simply because it's not compatible with our Graco carseat and it has air tires.  One of the wheels has a slow leak.  Kind of annoying, to be honest!  But other than that, I do like it.

But now I'm on the hunt for a double stroller, preferably one that will grow with my rambunctious toddler.  Hubby's convinced that we won't need a double stroller, but I am.  Lycan can't walk about forever!  And there are going to be times where it'll be safer and easier to have him in the stroller, instead of just walking about, like say when we're at festivals or walking along busy streets!  He's a big boy.  Daddy ain't gonna want to carry him all that way!  Having both kids in the stroller will bring peace of mind (especially if it's just me and them); when the kids are big enough for a wagon, then we'll switch.  Plus I plan on having at least one more kid, already having the double stroller will be great.

My requirements for a stroller are:
  • Graco, or a brand compatible with my carseat.  I do want to take my infant out into the world.
  • No side-by-side.  Why?  Because they're not exactly door friendly.  
  • I'd like to not having a black or a dark colored stroller simply because dark colors attract heat.  
  • Nothing too blue
  • Under carriage space
  • Cup holders for kids and parents
  • A small comparment for odds and ends, like a camera.
  • No air tires
  • Has to be a brand I've heard of or has a high customer/safety review
  • Nothing super expensive!
  • Perhaps a compatibility with rain and mosquito covers

So this is what I've been looking at:

Ha, I know, it violates a couple of my requirements, being blue and is also very expensive, but I love my joggers!  This is more of a desire than an actual want.  This is window shopping.  But I'd never spend $200 or more on a stroller!  Unless it had it all and I had plans of having lots of kids!  However, there's a lot of side-by-side joggers, but I'm just not a fan of those.  They seem too bulky and just not practical.  Great for outside, but no indoor/outdoor transition.  

Here's a Baby Trend, only because it's a lot cheaper than the Graco's, but I still don't know that it's compatible with my carseat.  (But if push comes to shove, I'll trade in my carseat for a different brand.)

So the Graco's, there are two.  One is a Sit-n-Stand and the other isn't, but has more undercarriage space.

I've had my eye on this one.  I've seen in the store, seen the size, played with it a little.  I wasn't able to fold it up yet to see how large it is, but it's my favorite so far.  But it's also nearing the $200 mark.  Unfortunately, good, safe double strollers aren't cheap (and I ain't going to Walmart!  Screw Walmart!).

This is the second one:

Not a Sit-n-Stand, but look at the cargo space!  And I like the splash of color.

Color-wise, looks like dark strollers are in this year.  

Another factor that I have to think of is...will a double stroller fit in our trunk?  I dunno.  With the prospect of having a big family and already being large people ourselves, I know we're going to need a van.  Something that tall family friendly and has cargo space.  Hubby's against the van idea, but he's gotta face reality.  We need the space!  He's not thinking about the big picture!  He wants a truck.  Van first, truck later.

We and my mom are keeping our eyes open for a cheap or even gently used double stroller, but the big thing is that it absolutely has to be compatible with our carseat, otherwise, we're going to find ourselves purchasing a new carseat!  

We're going to sell our stroller to Once Upon a Child, but only when we're certain of our choice.  I don't want to be without a stroller, since we've been using it so much.

Eh, I've still got a few stores to check out.  Maybe I'll get lucky.  

Any suggestions or advice?

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