Monday, April 14, 2014

Round Two for the NST's

Started my first of many NST's this week, due to starting glyburide.  My appointments are twice a week.  Well, at least, I don't have weekly prenatal appointments....yet.  I'm taking the glyburide, not because my blood sugars are bad, but because my Fasting Blood Sugars (the one I have to take in the morning before eating) are high.  So I only take the glyburide at night.  So far, it's working pretty well.  I've gone from above 100's to below 80's.

Today, during our appointment, I got to see Vincent having quite the fit of hiccups.  That was cool.

The nurse was surprised by his readings, because they were everywhere, ranging from the 130's to the 180's.  She said that I've got a wild child.  I told her that his brother was the same way.  But at least he passed his stress test.  Mommy did not.  Wasn't anything medical, but damn I was stressed out and it could've led to such an event as a preterm delivery.  I won't talk about it here, but it involved a broken wiper blade, rain, and morons.

Due to that stress, my eating schedule was all messed up and I said, "Fuck this," earlier and pigged out on Flyers pizza bombs (they're like pizza rolls only 100000000 times better).  I needed it.  It was carby deliciousness, damn it.  I had 10 of them.  With honey mustard.  I was in carby heaven.  After my day, I needed it.

In other news, I made a small initial plaque for my son's room, but I don't feel like uploading the picture from my computer right now.  I'll probably write about it tomorrow.

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