Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Problems, But It's Not All Bad

The bassinet came today, I'm excited, except now hubby is too upset to put it together due to the Redwings loss.  Stupid sports.  Normally, I put furniture together, but he's been putting all of the baby stuff together.  This might be my project.

The problem with ordering online is that I can't see how large the furniture is and this thing is bigger than I expected, at least according to the picture on the box!  Kind of makes me wish I had shopped around at some local baby stores, just for size alone.  Apartment living, kind of needs something compact and light.  But we'll see when it's all together.

Right now we're dealing with other matters involving our landlord and them having not fixed our ceiling yet.  We've been sleeping in our living room for the past 2 months, mattress included.  about two months ago, when the snow and ice was melting, our roof sprang a leak.  They fixed the roof, but haven't inspected the attic for mold or fixed our horrible stained and slightly bowed ceiling.  Not to mention it reeks of rotted wood, even after airing out the room and things like that.

2 months later, I'm due in about a month, our mattress is still in the living room, and the landlord is still feeding us BS about why they haven't made repairs or checked for mold.  Luckily friends and family on FB have been very helpful with suggestions in order to force our landlord to do their job, because this is absolute BS.

But I can't sit and dwell on things we can't fix right now; hubby's got a lot of homework to take care of.  It's important for me to focus on other things like my son, the bassinet, my Carbmaster Milk, and how well the NST went today.  When I got to the hospital, Vin had quite the case of hiccups!  It was funny, could barely hear his heart over them.  But he took mommy's advice of "gulping down some pee water", then from there was super "wild", as the tech's put it.  Just like his brother.  It was nice, because they let me out early.  Hopefully Vin performs this well on Thursday, since my prenatal appointment is scheduled right after!

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