Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pets Are Out to Eat Your Babies!

I'm over on some site reading comments concerning Bad Parenting Advice and one of them, about their pet dog, reminded me of something a friend of the family told me:

"You're going to have to get rid of your ferret, because ferrets are known for killing babies."

Yeah, and cats are known for sucking out a baby's soul.  What's your point?  And I should listen to you because you're a vet assistant?  Honey, come on.  Come on!  I wasn't born yesterday!

I can see if someone's not supervising their ferret and newborn interactions, about the ferret harming the child, but straight, viciously killing them due to jealousy?  Bullshit.  Besides, who the hell is going to ignore their child's cries of pain if something like that even happened?  Who the fuck is that stupid?  (okay, don't answer that)

No, my ferret's not a free roamer.  No, we don't have them out at the same time because Marsden is a jumper and a foot biter when he's out of his cage.  We're smart about it.  I know my ferrets personality out of cage, I'm not going to let him around my toddler and baby.

Yes, I've also taken precautions to ferret and baby proofing his cage.  I hate it when people treat ya like you're an idiot.  They think they're being helpful, but they're really not.  You can ask me if I know the dangers of introducing a new member to a pet, and not tell me some bullshit fearmongering story or assuming that I'm an idiot and need your advice.

I'm well aware that some pets do react negativity towards newborns, but at the same time, I'm not going to assume that just because my pet is fine around me, that they're going to be safe around my child as well.  I'm not stupid.  I've grown up with various pets, I've educated myself on them, and on introducing them to new family/pack members, from other animals to children.  Don't just assume that I'm ignorant of this situation, and certainly don't pass off hearsay without checking the facts and the story out.

For example, on the night that I brought my son home from the hospital, our dog--loyal, man's best friend, good watchdog, perfect, well trained, obedient, never had a problem with him--got between me and my son and viciously tried to bite me, for no reason.  I almost broke his fucking neck, but I didn't want to upset/risk harm to my sleeping newborn.  He was gone within the week.  Couldn't trust him anymore.  He ended up going to a relative's house, despite that I voted that he should've been put down (he's an older chow-mix and isn't good with children, he's proved it time and time again by biting two of the cousins unprovoked!, and yet the family's soft and refuse to put him down.  Me?  I don't tolerate that behavior.  Nor will I allow that mutt to be around my son(s).  Either put him down or let the shelter know that he's not good with children and let them figure out what to do with him).

But for some reason, people assume that you don't know anything and therefore need unsolicited advice.

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