Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Name Snobs & Bullies

One thing that I've noticed with many Name Snobs is that they tend to use bullies as to why someone shouldn't be naming their child something different, all while trying to look caring.  They often say things like, "People don't realize how mean kids are these days."

Kids can be mean.  They didn't go through an anti-bullying phase.  If a bully is going to target you, they'll use any difference, not just your first name!

  • Wearing glasses
  • Having braces
  • Skin color
  • Hair style
  • Clothing
  • Last name
  • Liking or disliking certain things
  • Your gender
  • Wearing dresses
  • Wearing headcoverings
  • Liking certain colors
  • Music choices
  • Because they're smart; because they're not!
  • Having different beliefs
  • Not observing certain holidays
  • Having any disability
  • Playing an instrument
  • The way your teeth look

Pick something!  Or add to the list!  If it's different, a bully's going to target it.  Your first name has nothing to do with it.  They target differences.  They will say anything they need to to make themselves feel better.  It doesn't matter.  

"Oh, no, you named your child something I don't like, they're going to be bullied!  How can you be so cruel and selfish!"  

Does that mean that kids shouldn't wear glasses or braces, or have any differences at all.....because they'll be the target of a bully?  No.  It means that we as parents need to raise strong, confident children.  Most behaviors are learned.  If your child sees you being judgmental and hateful over a name choice, more than likely, they're going to adopt that behavior.  
  • Raise confident children
  • Don't raise little assholes
  • Don't give your kids something to imitate
  • If you see this behavior, correct them; you are their parent/legal guardian, you have that power.
  • If your child is upset because of bullies, don't ignore the problem.  Talk to your child.  Talk to the school.  Talk to the parents.  Enroll your child in self defense classes.  Do what you need to to encourage your child and empower them to know that it's okay to stand out from the crowd.  It's okay to be different.  

If you're going to be a Name Snob, that's fine because not everyone is going to get along or like the same things, that's called diversity and individualism, but at least own up to it.  Don't use bullies or workforce discrimination as scapegoat, especially while trying to look like you care.  Grow up.  Be the positive role model you're trying to be, that you claim to be.

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