Tuesday, April 15, 2014

L is for...

Feeling better today.  Like I said last night, I made an initial plaque for my son's room.  I was originally going to do this idea (only not with the full name), but canvas can be pricey!  So my broke butt opted for all wood instead.  It's cheaper.  However, inspect that your wood isn't warped!

I picked my fonts, choosing two that were different, yet similar (for both boys).  I was going to go for first and last initials, but figures that the fonts I chose didn't have any W's.  Then, I went home and put a three coats of paint on the L and on the circle.   (I chose a circle for Lycan because it's like the moon; went with a square for Vin because it suited the vertical nature of his letter.  They had stars and heart shapes, but I didn't care for them).

After the pain dried, I glued the letter and plaque together with wood glue and let it set for a couple of hours with something flat and heavy on top.

Because Lycan's bedding is the TMNT theme, choosing the colors for his plaque was easy: yellow and green.  Vin's plaque is still in pieces because I don't know what theme we're going to go with for his bedding.  But he'll have one soon enough!

Who knew that my kid's room would spark inspiration in me, eh?  I just want to create create create!

Going to be 33 weeks tomorrow and I'm getting antsy, so excuse me while I go shopping for a bassinet for Vin!

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