Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cook Outs & Appointments

Normally when we throw a party, especially birthday parties, very little people show, and lots of food goes to waste.  Yesterday, we threw an impromptu cook out and it was a success (that's the trick, apparently, we have to spring it on people ;-p).  We had my dad, step mom, BIL, SIL, and their kids over at a secluded area of Darby Creek Metro Park.  It was fun and I'm glad that it worked out.  Hubby cooked and didn't char anything (because of me); hubby's not a griller....but he did well this time.  Just needed some guidance.

32 Week Shadow 

Then the grandparents showed up and I was so happy!  I love taking pictures of my son and playing and all of that awesomeness, but mommy needed a break.  We had gone shopping earlier and just walking about those two stores wore me out.  I even came home and chilled out for a few minutes.  Then again, I am nearly 8 months preggo (unless I am 8 months, I dunno, some answers on google aren't clear [i don't care about the math, just give me my answer.  It's the internet, I shouldn't have to work for my answer]); my energy levels aren't what they used to be!

Lycan played with sticks, bubbles; he even made his first bubble!  He's a pretty hands on child.  He'll watch you do something, then once he's got it, he wants to try it himself.  He was so proud of himself, just as we were of him.  A visual learner, just like his daddy.

He may not be talking a whole lot--well, actual words--but he knows and understands a lot of words.  He has a huge vocabulary!  He's a smart kid.  Surprises me a lot!

He also played ball with grandpa and with his cousins, Justin and Gabrielle, when they showed up.  Found some more sticks and played.

When Justin took a tumble and skinned his knee, I was reminded that I need to upgrade our diaper bag first aid kit, from infant to toddler.  Lycan prefers walking/running on the concrete to the grass.  Not a big grass fan right now.  Concrete's not as forgiving as grass, so mommy needs to have neosporin and bandaids at the ready!

When we got home, we learned that our little Wolfman is an outdoors man.  He did not want to come inside!  But when I said, "Hey, the street lights are on; it's time to come inside," he looked up and made a b-line for the door, all on his own.  Although once the door closed, he started ballin'.  Child wasn't ready to come inside; he just wanted to play.  Truly, he is my child.  Which I love, but it really makes me wish we had a fenced in yard or a gated on our fenced in patio.  Mommy's definitely going to need some help with him when Vin's born!  Child is go go go!  These kids are going to keep when busy especially when Vin is trying to chase his big brother around.

Of course, as soon as I go to chill out, Vin wakes up and decides that it's time to party.  This child.

As for today, even though it's beautiful and I did want to go back to Darby, we're relaxing.  Mommy's sore and tired.

Had my doctor's appointment on Friday.  My Blood Sugars are still doing great, but my Fasting Blood Sugars are still too high, so yesterday, I started on Glyburide again.  It's doing it's job.  However, due to being on medication, that means I'm going to be having Stress Tests twice a week....again.  I should've expected it.  Stupid FBS.  However, I'm still having my prenatal check ups every two weeks.  For now, until it gets closer.

I'm really hoping that Vin's going to come between 37 and 39 weeks.  37 because he'll be full term, and 39 because it's near May 28th, and I think it'd be awesome if he was born on the 28th, because Lycan and I are both 28thers.  But he'll come when he comes, I just want him to be happy and healthy.

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