Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Milestone!

My son, who doesn't say a whole lot, told me to, "Go away, mama!" when I wouldn't let him go outside this evening.  Child loves the outdoors.  When the screen door opened, he tried to make a break for it.  I grabbed him and he threw a fit.

I knew that kid knew who I was.  I can never get him to say "mama", but he knows me as such.  But the only time he says it is when he wants something, and it's not always to me.  But the kid will say "dada" all day long and TO his daddy.  Turd.

Other things he said today:

"Want now."  When daddy had his snack ready, but it needed to cool down before little man could eat it.

"Pee Pee."  While he carried around a bottle of baby powder and later, a diaper.

"Diaper." While playing with said diaper.

He also said purple, paper, pappy, puppy, and apple.

He saying more and more actual words!  And tonight, said his first complete sentence.  It was during a temper tantrum and it was directed at me, but I'm still proud of him.  :-)  Now, enjoy this article of toddlers throwing temper tantrums for funny reasons:

No more bacon, Miley Cyrus being on TV, and being at a Justin Bieber concert are perfectly justifiable reasons to throw temper tantrums, btw.

Then there's this video, that's similar to the many conversations that we've had with our own little outdoors man.

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