Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Important Check!

I finally ordered the bassinet (thanks to my awesome mother); as she would say, it's the "Mac Daddy" of bassinets and it's not too high on price.  Some of them were $130 or more!  The one I found was $99, and had things that my mom wanted, like vibrations, mattress/pad, and a fitted sheet.  And it seemed pretty sturdy--need sturdy with a toddler!  Sturdy with locking wheels!  

We bought this one from Target: Simmons Kids Slumber Time Elite Bassinet - Expresso Latte.

It's in a neutral colors, which is good, but I wasn't happy with Target's color choices of fitted bassinet sheets: Blue, Pink, and White.  I was hoping for a pop of color, like yellow or green, but ended up getting white.  I'm just so tired of blue for a boy!  That's why I'm determined to not get blue or sports themed bedding for Vincent when we move onto a crib.

I didn't want to frilly, lacey, or blue, like some of the bassinets I had come across either.  Not entirely happy about the skirt, but it hides the rocking mechanics, so less pinching of toddler fingers, yeah?

Although I was thinking about getting this one, instead.  I had seen in it the store and it seems sturdy to me; I got to play around with it a little bit: Fisher-Price My Little Snugamonkey Special Edition Deluxe Rock n Play Sleeper.

It has vibrations, gently rocks, was $54, is more apartment friendly (compact, light, fold-able), and had a good customer rating, but I wanted something that wasn't just an incline.  I wanted the option of doing incline and flat.  That and I just wasn't sure how safe, I guess, it was.  I'm sure it's good for naps, but I dunno.  I had reservations about it.  Plus I have a swing and a bouncer which are inclined, and I love them both.

That, and the bassinet we bought seems more toddler safe, I suppose.  Of course, I'll still have to supervise, that's a duh given.

But the bassinet oughta be here in a week.

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