Thursday, April 3, 2014

Am I Done Yet?

Ugh, this week is going by so slow!  I've definitely hit that mark where I just want it to be 37-39 weeks and for him to be ready.  But alas, tis only 31 weeks!  Ugh!!!!!  I'm tired of being pregnant.  But at least this time is better than the first, minus the horrid incontinence and the morning sickness....which has returned and this momma is not happy about!  But it returned around this time when I was pregnant with my son, too.  Only this time it's a lot worse!

I tried looking up pictures of what the mucus plug looks like because I had a scare Monday.  I could not stomach the pictures.  I couldn't.  Then I saw a freaking blob fish that made me close my laptop.  One, what the hell does a blob fish have to do with a woman's pregnancy mucus plug?  They don't even resemble each other, except maybe their color.  But that's what did it.  That's what made me slam my laptop closed.  I promise you, I normally do not have this weak of a stomach.  I can take gutting a deer, but not pictures of a mucus plug or even a Big Mac?  What?  Pregnancy's weird.

Some symptoms I get, they make sense, but majority of them?  What the hell?  Hormones are crazy.  The shit we go through.

I cannot wait until my extreme sensitivity to odors goes away.  Be nice to change a diaper without having to cram some baby wipes up my nostrils.

So my scare.  I was in the bathroom, wiping.  I'm used to the typical mucus that I see, but then I felt something with my bare fingers that literally freaked me the fuck out.  It just felt so big and gooey (but not wet, nor dry), like the size of a silver dollar, only in blob form.  Right?  I accidentally dropped it into the damn toilet!  But I got a look at it real quick, it was a whitish blob of vaginal snot, as I call it.  And it was not the size of a silver dollar, but more so of a nickel or a penny.

Freaked me out.  I looked online and asked friends and family who've seen their plugs, and what I got was that the plug was usually a lot larger.  I had nickel sized globs when I was pregnant with my first son, too.  I remember telling Mount Caramel and they didn't seem all that concerned; they just said it was normal (I had called them and asked).  I was thinking that they'd have me come in, due to being high risk, but they didn't.  They didn't even examine me at my next appointment.  You'd think a high risker, they'd check to be sure, especially since without it sometimes the fetus is more prone to infections, or so I've read.  But at Riverside, despite having GD, I'm not high risk.  Part of me still thinks I should call them, but then my appointment is in two days anyway.

Still freaks me out, since I'm only 31 weeks.  I didn't see my plug with my first son, but that doesn't mean that it didn't come out in pieces.  I was reading that some woman who go into labor hours after losing theirs or even 2-3 weeks.  I've been checking for fluid loss and contractions, but everything's been normal.  But I will mention it at my next appointment Friday.  Plus, I've been reading up on late-term preemies just to be educated just in case I do go into labor.

If it happens, it happens.  I don't have control over it.  I just gotta keep on with what I've been doing for the last few months.  Luckily, I'm at a better hospital; I feel more confident with them, than if I had gone back to Mount Caramel.

Good thing Artemis has made a reappearance in my life, because of one Her aspects is protection during childbirth.  I'll be praying to Her for sure, especially since I'm going to try to go as natural as I can, I'm going to need all of the help I can get!

Right now, I just gotta stay positive and alert.  See what the doctor says on Friday.

I'm getting antsy.  I can only look at baby needs and wants for so long, ya know?  In a month, we're moving the car seat back into the car, as well as my hospital bag.  As much as I'm tired of this pregnancy, I want him to be finished with the womb around 37 to 39 weeks.  6 more weeks, at least, Vin!

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