Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wolfman See, Wolfman Do!

For a lot of the day, I was doing some spring cleaning.  My son was around a lot, playing, watching, just all around me.  Around 8 pm, my husband said, "Are you helping mommy?"  I look over to the door to see that Lycan has gathered up our shoes and some of his toys and placed them in the corner!

I turned back to finish cleaning off the table, and he comes over to a clothes hamper and begins to sort the clothes into three piles!  I think he learned that from watching me sort through his smaller clothes earlier in the week.  

After sorting them, he put them back into the hamper like a big boy!

When cleaning was done, mommy sat down, in awe of how smart and adorable he is, Lycan got back to playtime.  He took apart one of his treasure bowls, sat by the bookshelf and "read".  Aka flipping through his book, pointing at the pictures and talking to them.  Hubby said, "He's just like me.  A visual learner."


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