Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Right Around the Corner!

That came up quick didn't it?  Soon people will actually be allowed to bitch about winter weather in the spring time.  One of my pet peeves is people saying, "It's March, it needs to be warm!  Enough with this snow and cold!"  First off, how many warm Ohio March's have you experienced?  I've noticed that March is usually still shaking off Winter's coat.  Then it rains throughout April, then in May it's warm and delightful with life and abundance. 

Plus, officially Spring isn't until March 20-22nd.  Chill.  After the Equinox, then bitch about how Winter needs to go away and stay in his own season!

Anyway, what have I got planned?  This will be my son's second Spring Equinox and he's actually old enough to do stuff, instead of just sit there looking at us like we're weird, with a furrowed brow.  Keep in mind, that we celebrate the Equinox' and Solstice's for three days.  Why?  Because we can; sometimes certain days don't always work out.  I am glad to see that it's raining today, Spring's nearly here.  Gotta thaw out and wake up the ground so Father Sun's rays can penetrate and activate the soil, much like one spouse getting the other in the mood.  Essentially, I see it as foreplay. 

Foreplay in March, sex in April, labor and delivery in May.  Man, I wish I had that gestational period.  I've been feeling like an elephant as of late.  Elephants are pregnant for 2 years.  I was pregnant in the fall of 2011 (miscarried).  Full term in Spring of 2012.  And again in the fall of 2013, due near the summer of 2014.  Needless to say, I'm a little over it.  Definitely going to be more diligent with separating two and three.  Get some years of non-pregnancy in their.  I want sushi damn it.  Sushi and a new tattoo. 

So yeah, plans for the next three days are:

  • Egg breakfast
  • Changing the seasonal shrine to Spring
  • Maybe introduce my son to Spring symbols, and let him play with them, or at least make flash cards.  Ooo, I could make him a treasure bowl of spring symbols, even if it's just pastels...  (this is the time when I wish I had a baby or child friendly book about the sabbats; or the supplies to make one myself; project for next year.  I can even make a felt sensory book for my second son.)
  • Hopefully go on a walk at our favorite park, if not, I have baby friendly activities that are "Springy" in my Pagan Parenting book and on Pinterest; if he's not interested in them, I can still do something crafty.
  • Despite having a black thumb, I might still try to plant something.  Can't learn if you don't practice and ask questions of your green thumbed elders.  Or at least play in the dirt/mud.  
  • Give offerings of grains and seeds to the birds with my son.  
  • Normally I cook an epic feast including honey bread, rabbit, and carbs, I mean breads and cake/cookies.  I love carbs; bane of my weight and blood sugar.  But this year, I'm on a strict low carb diet, so the menu for this year has been drastically changed (and no one got me a rabbit this year!).  I may make a spring inspired salad: strawberries (love, luck), lettuce (fidelity), chicken (fertility), sunflower seeds (sun, fertility), almonds (earth), and boiled eggs (fertility).  Course, the baby, I'll find him something, maybe corn and peas, get a color palette going.
  • Declutterings rituals - aka cleaning, donating, tossing, and smudging the apartment.
We'll color eggs next year when he's a little older and less likely to put things into mouth.  

I'm excited, especially for the arts & crafts portion of it.  I've been soooooooooooo bored.  But right now, I smell a poopy diaper that's in need of a changing, much like our seasons actually.....

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