Thursday, March 27, 2014

Passing Painting Onto the Next Generation

Got some old paintings that have been left unfinished or are just unsatisfying?  All ya need is some masking tape, kid paint, and a little one.  TA-DA, you'll have yourself a masterpiece!  I originally got the paint and masking tape idea from As Time Flies.  Recycling old paintings was my own invention.

March 26, 2013

Yesterday I introduced Lycan to finger painting.  Strip him down to his diaper, put a prepared canvas in front of him, and sat him down in his high chair.  He was apprehensive at first, then started to eat the paint, instead of smear it around.  He's a visual leaner, so I played it, too.  He started to play with it, then picked up the canvas and tried to lick it.

I guess he doesn't mind the taste of finger paints.  These are our collaborations:

Some L-O-V-E
This was an unfinished oil painting of a hummingbird that I had hanging around.  I just added some masking tape lettering and gave my son some pink finger paints and let him go! 

I prepared this canvas for him, by starting with a pre-gessoed canvas, then painted the background and adding the masking tape words.  Like before, gave him some green and let him explore.  Actually, I remember, this painting was first, because he kept tasting the paint, like it was icing.  This masterpiece fits into his TMNT room theme.  :-)

Next time, I'm going to have him sit on a large tarp with either a large piece of canvas or paper taped to the tarp.  And I going to give him different colors that mix well (so no brown or black mixtures at the end!).  I may reuse the kid paint that I have or I might try some kool aid recipes (google, as there are many different recipes out there; some people mix their kool aid with baby cereal even).  Here's one of many edible finger paint recipes.

Unfortunately, food mediums don't always keep very well, but picture diaries work just as well!

There are a lot of different recipes out there, just gotta find the right one that's easy and works.  I'm looking forward to developing my kid's love of arts&crafts.  Instead of just having their masterpieces hanging on the fridge, they're going to have pieces on display throughout our home!  When I was a young artist, seeing my art displayed in such a way gave me pride and encouragement.  I loved it, made me create more.   I'm looking forward to his other great masterpieces!

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