Monday, March 31, 2014

Odd Questions While Waiting for My Groceries

I was at kroger a bit ago, and the bagger lady looks at me with concern.  I'm standing there, one hand on my hip, the other on my belly, just tired and uncomfortable.  She goes, "Are you having a baby?"


"Are you having one now?"

Huh?  What?  Who goes shopping when they're in labor?  Or finishes shopping....just standing there, leaking fluid all over the floor.  I answered, "No, I'm just uncomfortable and tired."

"Is the baby's head dropping right now?"

"I-I-I-I--ya know, I don't know.  My back just hurts a bit."

What?  At least she wasn't rude, but still, how does one handle those types of questions.  Apparently the look on my face said that I was in labor.  Didn't realize that I had a agonizing pain face.

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