Monday, March 17, 2014

Guess the Fear is Fading

I had a zombie dream last night, but it wasn't so bad.  Still annoying, but I didn't lose my babies this time.  And both were present.  As usual, the gender was clear for number two.  Squirms was just a baby sittin in a carrier.

In it, I was with other survivors, oddly enough the characters from Teen Wolf, the series, not movie.  We had two vehicles and were trying to escape the city with our supplies.  Which all mine were baby must haves: Sophie, blankie, binkie, food, diapers, wipes, powder, clothes, Tat the Cat, Wolf, and a few other must haves.

We had to dodge zombies and avoid bandit-esque humans.  It was raining, but we eventually made it to Beacon Hills, which was protected by energy from the zombie scourge.  The energy only allowed in non-infected humans and supernaturals.  Turned out that I was a Witch enough to be consider supernatural, as were my kids.

After I woke up, though (super early), I couldn't get back to sleep.  I kept trying to think of other things aside from zombies, like other stories.  All I could think of--real world wise--was winter's going away, zombies will be able to play!  If a zombie apocalypse hit, we are not prepared!  We've got huge windows, one escape route, our baseball bats are in our wrecked car, no guns, and I have no car (it's with hubby at work).  Plus, there's no much sound proofing; no quietly hiding with a baby.  And I have hammer and nails, but they're not large enough to hammer up doors to the windows.  Definitely made me rethink my zombie-proof house if I'm ever able to build one.  Sound proofing--walls, doors, and windows--a must!

Not to mention, concerning our apartment complex, there's only one escape route!  The other way is faux gated and walled up.  Aesthetically pleasing, but not exactly pedestrian escape friendly!

I tried thinking of the Victorian Age, but then I kept remembering that book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Needless to say, once the zombie thoughts get rolling, they're difficult to stop!

Eventually, I fell back to sleep when I got zombies out of my brain.  Later, when Lycan woke up, I had a hard time getting up.  I hate it when that happens.  I'm pretty sure he cried in his room for a half hour to an hour!  But when I got him, finally, he was all smiles.  Hus butt sported quite the soaked diaper.  Gosh, I hate Walmart brand diapers!  Meijer brand is so much better.  At least they cover all of his butt!  (overall, I prefer Pampers)

In other news, we've got our second ultrasound today--according to hubby's memory, since mine's shot--and hopefully we'll get a 100% on Squirms gender.

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