Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Things

A bit of good news, just learned that another of my cousins is having twins, too (on another branch of the family tree).  Babies everywhere.

Afternoon appointment went well.  I'm approved for financial aid and almost have everything for my case worker concerning my health insurance.  Oughta have everything next week.

Instead of redoing the sugar test, they're just going to have me monitor my levels this week.  Momma's startin the low carb diet tomorrow!  Alright.  No stress at all this time, because I've done it before.  That the doctors are so supportive and encouraging.  I'm really glad that I don't have to go through the three hour test, to be honest.

#2 made it damn near impossible to get a heart reading with all of his movement.  lol.  Squirms moves so much!  Except right now, I think he's actually asleep right now.

I've got an ultrasound next week, I think, so hopefully we'll know for certain what Squirms is, although I've been getting used to the reality of having another boy.

So that's what going on now.  Be checking in later.

Oh, yeah, forgot to share, but we got Lycan's hair cut the other day--March 3rd--at a place called Cookie Cutters.  Here's his Before and After:

They offer a First Haircut Package which includes a lock of hair, a certificate, and a picture for about $18.  We'll be picking that up this weekend.  And I mean, it was brightly colored inside, they stylists were kind and efficient.  Kids could sit in seats in the shapes of vehicles (which Lycan liked), they provided toys and tv distraction, as well as a big ole mirror (Lycan loved that!).  For older kids, they have an indoor playground for longer waits.  I was impressed.

My mom said, "Can we put the lion's mane back on?  He looks like he's ready for kindergarten!"  My little handsome Wolfman.  My child can see clearly now, the mane is gone.

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