Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Plan of Attack

In my quest of not having a TV kid, I've got a lot of outdoor activities planned.  Or did.  Until I found out that I was preggers and was due near summer.  BUT I can still make this work, yeah?  Other parents do.  I figure for the first month of newborn babyhood, I'll be pretty out of it.  BUT there are two of us, grandparents, and uncles/aunts, who would love to take Lycan on these adventures.  Plus, if I'm able to get a double stroller compatible with our car seat, I'll be able to take Vin outside, too.

I've got to make time for Lycan, too.  Help him to grow and develop; not stunt him, especially on lovely days, because of his little brother.  Got to learn the art of juggling my time between two babies; well near toddler and one newborn.

So far, I've got these outings planned (hopefully we can afford some of these places, if not there are cheaper/free alternatives):

Come fall, another year of Apple and Pumpkin Picking!  By October, Vin oughta be a bit more alert and aware of his surroundings.  

Not to mention, there's a ton of sensory activities from the web that'll be cheap to do/make, and hopefully fun at the same time.  And the mess can be done outside!

I really want to instill a love of nature and a love of learning in my children, not just with books or videos, but through tactile activities: hiking, camping, arts & crafts, taking them to see these natural wonders instead of just giving them a screen to look at.  

Step one, limit TV.  We have the TV on majority of the day, and monkey see monkey do, right?  Luckily, he's not one to throw a fit (yet) if the TV is off.  Plus, it might be a good way of getting him to leave the TV alone, too.  Plus, ain't nothing wrong with filling the apartment with music for a change.  I think having the TV on at night is good to have.  Ain't nothing on during the day anyway.  I'm not a fan of the toddler shows on Disney, Nick, and Nick Jr. (sadly, these are the only two networks with kid friendly shows we have--I can't even find PBS!).  I don't like the undertones of "be nice to your bully no matter what".  I think that's a horrid lesson to teach children.  There's nothing about standing up to them or avoiding them.  But they'll stand up to said bully if someone else is in trouble...  It's all about being nice and doing things for them, even though you KNOW they're going to keep on backstabbing and being mean to you.  Like, what?  No!  It's like they forget what the bully's done in the past.  

"Always see the good in people!"  Screw that, use your brain.  Someone betrays your trust, avoid them, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.  If they keep on being mean to you, stand up for yourself and get help against them.  Let's teach our children some real world lessons, not fluffy ones.  But, alas, I blame the fluffy parents who say that all kids are winners, even the ones who couldn't be bothered to try.  Trophies for everyone!  (Sorry, that's a different rant...)  You can still keep your child's life fun and magical, AND teach the the facts of life and how to be independent....how to handle real life situations, instead of lying to them about how the world works.  

"Be nice to your bully because they're unhappy; eventually they'll change and be good, too!"  


Not all of the shows deal with bullies, but still.  I can literally only take so much of those shows, and I love cartoons.  

Then there are some toddler shows that are just disturbing....  The music and dancing might be fun, but the characters are creepy as hell.  And the story lines are questionable, or maybe I just have a gutter mind, I dunno.

Step two, lesson lap top time.  Or at least time that we're on it.  Because our music is on the laptop, and we don't have other music players.  I'm a blogger, but lately the internet is losing its luster for me.  I think being cooped up has something to do with it.  I want to be outside doing things in the warmth and sunshine; and I want to be doing these things with Lycan.  It's an itch that needs scratching.  

However, for my husband, after discovering STEAM, he's playing a Star Wars game a lot.  It's either laptop games or PS3 with him.  Unless it's hockey season...which is it.  It'll just be something we'll talk about.  I just think that by limiting our time with these two enslavement devices, we'll be more willing to go outside and be active.  Night time can be TV and laptop time; a time to unwind.  We'll see.  Baby steps.

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