Thursday, March 13, 2014

28 Week Check In

We visited our friends over the weekend and seen their beautiful bundle of joy: Darius Asgard.  That kid is long!  He's got long arms and feet.  Looks just like dad.  Lycan was awfully sweet to him...even if he was trying to con some food out of his dad.  It was funny.  

Looking down at the baby, which I did from afar because I have either a cold or allergies, made me realize that I don't think I'm ready for #2!  Lycan was planned, but I'm sure I experienced those feelings as well.  #2 was a surprise....and I'm definitely nervous.  But what ya gonna do?  Just deal with it.  I'm sure things will be different once #2 is born, but still.  As of now, I kind of wish I could turn back the clock, but I can't.  Damn these nerves.  

However, I'm a little more hopeful concerning breast feeding, or at least pumping, because my friend also had problems with it at first, but Riverside was extremely helpful.  She produces enough to feed him, but not enough to pump.  She also has to supplement with some formula at times.  She's been trying different methods to get a better flow, like lactation cookies (I'm not sure of her exact recipe, but I know she used white chocolate chips).  I'm hopeful!  What Riverside can't help me with, my friend probably can.  If not, I tried again.  We have stocked up on formula this time around, but it would be nice to give him an immune boost that's relatively free!

Ugh, so I mentioned that I might be sick.  I've been sick three times so far, not counting this time, because I think it might just be seasonal allergies.  Winter and Spring are battling for control, making the days very bipolar here in the midwest.  Tis annoying.  When I was pregnant with Lycan, I never got sick.  With the baby boy, he's the reason why I've been getting sick.  Sucks.  This time, I'm thinking allergies.  The other day it was around 61F and beautiful outside!  However, I felt like death.  Lycan didn't feel too bad, though.  Then yesterday it rained (then iced, then snowed), and I woke up with a small sore throat and coughing up mucus, but overall, I felt better.  Lycan has a cough, but that's it, really.  

The preggo safe cold medicines just don't do jack for me, but I'm hoping that the claratin I took does help me out.  Sucks being sick because the only stuff that works for me, I can't take!  Even with being on a low-carb diet, I can't enjoy large glasses of orange juice or bowls of chicken noodle soup without having to factor them into my carb counts.  Hafta to everything in supplement form.  Blah.  Freaking sucks.  Hopefully, we're over this quick!

Gettin closer and closer....

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