Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Did I Wait So Long to Try This?

For the late few days I've been making Treasury or Discovery Bowls for my son.  I don't know why I waited so long to do this.  I learned about this simple activity months ago while looking for things for him to explore and learn.  Pretty much, it's a bowl filled with baby safe objects and toys to explore.  The bowls can have a theme, like bath time, the sea, kitchen, magnets, textures, colors, lids, animals, shapes, balls, their favorites, food, vehicles; whatever you can come up with.    Most of the ones that I've seen on Pinterest have rice--colored, plain, and scented--and kitchen utensils.  

Or it can just be random!  Although, he seems to like this activity, so I may create themes for him.  Especially if I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, I can just hand him a bowl of objects.

I put the bowls in plain sight and not.  It been giving him something to discover and it's better than him getting into trouble with the PS3, CDs, or DVDs.  Tonight, he brought me two CD's and instead of just taking him from him, I took as opportunity to teach him about circles and colors, like in his books.  I've read those Baby Einstein books to him so many times, that I know them by heart now!  lol.  He brings them to me all the time.  He has his favorites, he has the ones that mommy read better than daddy, and vice versa.  It's pretty funny.  We need more books.  Even he's getting bored with some of them!

This is a circle, remember, "a circle's a round shapes' name!"

This is blue, "Violet's camera is colored blue.  Violet's name is a color, too!"

Which is great, because it recalls memory and I can see the gears in his head ticking.  He really enjoys learning and I enjoy teaching him.  Lycan really takes it in.  It's a great feeling.  He points and tries the words, flips the disc over to see the other color.  Hands them to me, so I can repeat it.  It's wonderful.  I love teaching him.  

I taught him some numbers, too.  Showed him how two circles can become one, and vice versa.  He spent some time putting them together to make one and sliding them apart for two.  I love the little guy.  It definitely inspires me to explore and make more sensory activities.  I mean, my Sensory Bottles were a hit with him.  He likes some more than others (doesn't really care for the glitter bottles or the floating pompoms, but likes the noisy ones).

By the way, in our house, Discs are now called Circles.  :-)

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