Monday, February 24, 2014

26 Weeks!

Tomorrow I'm going to be 26 weeks!  Nearly finished with the second trimester!  Whew, right now I'm nauseous, feels like there's a lump in my throat.  Ugh, I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks for a couple of weeks, bloating, exhaustion, continuous nausea, a couple bouts of heartburn (mostly in the past two days), had two bad headaches today, and discomfort.

I mentioned my heartburn on Facebook, and boy did the "I know better than yous" come out.  Lots of Heartburn doesn't always equal lots of hair!  But trying telling other people that who're stuck on Old Wives Tales!  I didn't have a whole lot of heartburn with Lycan, and he was a furry kid when he was born!  Head and body.  The FB hens just cluck, "Well, you just don't remember."  Thanks, didn't realize you were sharing my body....  On the other side, my SIL, with all three of her kids, she had god awful heartburn, and none of them were born with hair!  In fact, it took them awhile to grow it!  But no, to the Clucking Hens, we're wrong and they're right.  Talk about annoying.  Apparently experience means nothing to hearsay and what happened to other people, or to the "majority".  One would think it's a losing battle except I'm stubborn....and hate generalizations.........

I know that Lycan was pretty active in the womb, but Squirmy takes the cake.  I've been feeling Squirmy since week 17.  I don't remember Lycan giving me this much discomfort.  Just feels like Squirms is trying to break out.  Like he's saying, "There ain't enough room in here for all of us!"  Aka him to my organs.  Ugh.  And he's only going to get bigger and more active and stronger!  Hope this ain't gonna be a Chest Burster thing....

Last night, we went to a friend's house, where a mutual friend brought their son, who's 4 months younger than Lycan, but nearly his size.  Lycan's a little taller, but Grayson was larger--not fat, just bigger.  Normally Lycan loves other kids, but he didn't quite know what to make of this other baby.  Didn't help that the other baby was a bit of a bully, and Lycan wanted nothing to do with that!  And neither did I, to be honest; I don't want my kid to pick up those bad habits.  Bullying aside, they were cute together.  Grayson was the first baby Lycan has been around that's close to his age.  Normally the kids are either way young or are toddlers and older.

Lycan's a eater, and has no problem with taking food out of Grayson's mouth or hands, or bum food from other's plate.  Swear, sometimes he acts like we starve him!  Growing baby boy!  It was kind of funny, with lots of "Lycan!  Look what mommy has!"

I got a lesson in baby corralling last night.  Whew!  It was rough!  Hopefully it won't be as bad when Squirmy is up and walking--hopefully I won't be pregnant!  I gotta hope it's a tad easier when you're not carrying around a kicking, stretching head of lettuce!

In other news, another friend is being induced on Wednesday!  Very exciting.  I have a prenatal appointment on the same day, around the same time, at the same hospital, so we're going to visit her afterwards, depending on how she's feeling.  Looking forward to seeing Darius.

Lycan's calling my name, and my dyslexia is being a total bitch, so I'm going to bow out, and hopefully have some awesome baby news in a few days.  Not too mention, there's an uncomfortable tickle in my throat that's creeping up towards my mouth.  Blah.  This kid is starting to dance a jig on my bladder!

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  1. Wow, 26 weeks already. Awesome!

    Yeah, the heartburn thing is ridiculous. I had constant heartburn with Rowan, and she came out with very little hair. Oh well. People always want to play the "I know better than you do" game, don't they? Pffft.