Thursday, February 6, 2014

Toddler Shows and Bullying

I'm a Nick kid.  Grew up watching Nickelodeon, still watch it as an adult, so naturally, my kid's are going to be brought up on it as well.  These shows though, man.  What are they teaching kids?  Most of these shows has a bully.  Dora has Swiper the Kleptomaniac.  Peter has the Badger, Owl, and the Fox who're out to eat him and his friends.  Team Omi Zumi has the Trouble Makers and some squid kid.

These shows are teaching our kids that no matter how mean your bully is, now matter how many times they've tricked you, stolen from you, and have tried to kill/eat you, you should still be nice to them and do them favors.

What?  No!  Kindness can only go so far.  And I get that you don't want to stoop to their level, but how about you actually teach them how to handle and avoid a bully?  Or just take that element out of the equation: helping the bully.  Bully's bully and you solve the problem and rise above it, not befriend them only to have them betray you again, like freaking Swiper.

That's not a good thing to teach a child!   Help those who you betray you, are mean to you, and steal from you?  No.  Are parents actually watching these cartoons?  And it's not just on Nick Jr., other cartoons are just as bad.  I don't know how much more of this dribble I can take....I really wish we had PBS.  I can only hope the shows are better, especially concerning bullies.

Nah, good thing I'm not relying on television to teach my children the facts of life.  By the Gods.  I just don't see how that's going to prepare them for socializing with other kids.  It's fluffy nonsense.  Be nice to your bullies, who'll continue to bully you.  No ones learning anything, except the bully, they're learning to not change: their methods are working.


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