Monday, February 10, 2014

Soon Squirmy Will Be Revealed

Got my doctor's appointment tomorrow.  8am.  Aside from paper work, I don't know what it'll entail.  I don't even remember my first prenatal visit.  I know peeing and bloodwork was part of it...and paper work.  But peeing...that's a way of life when you're pregnant.  You'd think that I'd be a pro at peeing into cups by now.  I either miss it, or overflow it.  No in between with me.

I don't know that I had a physical.  I don't think that came until the second appointment.  I had a physical and a rough ultrasound.  I know that they'll want to get in and see what's going on, I sure do.  I want to know exactly how far I along am I, what the gender, and that everything's okay!  I'm roughly 23-24 weeks and Squirmy is a kicker and a mover.  More so than my son was.

I want to stop calling the fetus "it", "little wren", "the baby", and "squirmy".  I already got my names picked out:

Boy: Vincent Lucien
Girl: Rylee Mindy

Baby stuff aside, I am going to be in need of a Mommy Spa Day after this second kid is born.  I was just looking at my hair.  Yall.  Yall, it's awful.  Dull.  Split ends.  It hasn't been dyed since....maybe the beginning of 2011?  And I haven't been able to dye it because in the fall of 2011, I was pregnant.  Then April of 2012, I got pregnant with my son.  Got preggo with #2 around the fall of 2013.  I'm determined to dye my hair sometimes this year after this baby is born.  It needs it.  My grays, guys, my grays.  They're overtaking my head.  And I'm not all that ashamed, because on my dad's side, the women go gray early.  Both my aunts were sporting full heads of gray since I've known em.  Gray is beautiful, too.  

But I still want to dye my hair.  My natural color is ash brown, it's an awful color.  When I saw that some hair dying company was selling the color of Ash Brown, I about puked.  You do not want to pay for that color.  

I just need a Mommy Spa Day: a wash (cuz hair stylists do it best), a dye job, a cut, styling, a waxing; maybe get my nails did.  Nothing too fancy because I still gotta go home and take care of two babies, but you know what I mean.  Maybe a massage instead of the nails...let's be practical here.

But until then, I'll deal.  Focus on Lycan and Squirmy; myself will come later.

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