Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just For Poops and Giggles

I took this quiz from Scary Mommy: How Many Kids Should You Have?

My result made me laugh, "Three is your magic number. Four if you count the drink you'll need in your hand".  Which is funny, because I didn't get my girl this time.  Perhaps third times a charm...in a few years?  Let the husband get the some of those Y's out of there.

Hubby and I were talking about that.  I'm willing to try for one more.  He wants two more because he doesn't want middle child syndrome.  I said, "We'll see".  Although maybe the tech was wrong and that 20% turns into 100%?

Some Lycan news for today:

He walked up to me, handed me a ball, and said, "Play." I took it and gave it toss. He looked at it back, then at me, all offended. 
"What? You said 'play'!"
He got it, brought it back to me. I tossed it again. He looked back, looked at me, grabbed it, and walked off.

A little later, I said, "Why don't you go play in your room?"
He shook his head.
Laughing, I asked, "Did you just shake your head 'no' at me?" 
He gave me a big ole adorable grin.

And instead of him saying "Shit" properly, I'm teaching him "Poop". Today was spent saying "Play", "Pup", "Butt", and "Poop".

Sitting on the bed, playing Skyrim, when Lycan crawls up with a diaper in his mouth. His soiled diaper, off his butt. Before I can grab it, he throws it on the floor. Glad nothing spilled out!

I love this kid.  Yeah, there are times when he can be a handful and frustrating, but there are so many more golden moments.  Lovin this parent thing.

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