Monday, February 17, 2014

It a...80% Chance of Penis!

October 3, 2013

Like Lycan, Squirmy was a challenge when it came to seeing their face and equipment.  Stubborn and bashful.  But they're healthy.  We got to see them with the hiccups, a wave, nomming on the feets, a frontal and side view of the mouth open (like pictured below).

As for gender, the tech is 80% sure Squirm's a boy.  Gotta admit, I'm bummed, just means we'll be triyng for a a few years....  But I'll love the little guy no matter what.  Hopefully, in a month, we'll get conformation.  Or maybe it'll be a certain near June 4th?  At least we won't have to buy too many boy clothes now.


  1. It does make it easier to pass down clothes and such, doesn't it? I hoped for a boy, since I was used to having one, but ended up with a girl. At first, they did tell us we were having a boy, so people gave me "boy clothes". Then it turned out we were having a girl. She still wore those "boy clothes", because who cares, right?

    Anyway, I hope you have a much better time with this pregnancy. :)

  2. Thank you; one of my FB friends wished me the same, too. I hope so! Like I told her, I'm not as naive as I was, I generally know what to expect. If I have GD again, I know how to and that I can manage it. I'm at a better hospital, which helps. So far, my experiences there have been very satisfactory. AND there are five women in my life who're pregnant, just gave birth, and are due this month. It's crazy. I'm excited.

    Hey, clothes are clothes. :-)