Sunday, February 2, 2014


For this next baby, I want to get a bassinet.  Crib, too, of course, but for those first couple of months, I think a bassinet would be wise.  For my son, we used a double-leveled pack'n'play, with a napper that could flip into a diaper changer.  It was useful, yes, but bulky.  Especially since we moved it from the bedroom to the living room often.

However, the napper leaned to one side and I think that's why his head is flat on one side.

Don't get me wrong, the pack'n'play was very useful and we still use it from time to time, but gotta think compact.  We still live in an apartment and have already done drastic changes to make room for our son, like opening up the living room and tossing out the couch, among other baby proofing steps.  A bassinet is more compact and lighter, depending on what type you get.  Some can fold up, others have wheels.

I think I want wheels....standing, and stable.  Just because a store sells it, doesn't necessarily mean it's safe.  There's was a recall on our Baby Einstein bouncer thing.  We haven't had any issues with ours, but still.

Well, I got some time and some research ahead of me.  And I need to find another converter crib that I like.  Doesn't have to match what my son has, although I like the dark wood....

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