Saturday, February 1, 2014

5 Month Musings

10 more days until my first appointment.  Probably won't have an actual see-the-baby appointment, seeing as it'll be my first time going to Riverside, or maybe I dunno, I am roughly around 5 months, so ::shrugs::.  Hubby hasn't been approved for full time yet--people are taking their sweet ass time!--so I'm going to look into health care for me and the babes today.  Like to have something in the works before I stroll up in there.

Somethings been on my mind.  How my son will adjust to having a new baby.  He's going to be around 1 year 1/2  by the time this one is born.  Will it be easier for him or harder?  He loves other kids, but he hasn't spent a whole lot of time around them.  My nephew seemed to adjust pretty well to his little sister; she was born, then three days later he turned 2.  But he also had a baby sitter who had a kid around his age, as well as a younger sibling.

Typical uncertainties I suppose.

One of my friends from high school is about to have her baby--she's 37 weeks yesterday.  Baby's ready but her body isn't.  I guess both grandma's and her mom needed to have C-Sections, she's really hoping that she won't have to have one.

I went ahead and told her the gory details that no one told me about child birth.  The process, the delivery, and the after birth.  Gave her some tips.  And she gave me some tips about Riverside, too.  Things I'll be sure to ask about.  I'm going to try breast feeding again, despite that it didn't work last time, but I really blame Mount Caramel for that, because it seemed like that they didn't give a shit.  They barely helped me.  Said that the lacationist was going to see me, then Ooooops, sorry, she's on vacation!

Like it was a full moon, statistics show that more babies are born on full moons, you'd think they'd have more than one person on duty.  Like the anesthesiologist.  They only had one guy on duty!  Screw Mount Caramel, man!  I'm thinking it's because I didn't have health insurance and that's why I was treated poorly.

1) I'm going to be at a different hospital.  2) I'm going to have health insurance this time.  Things had better be different.  I hate being pregnant.  The only good thing about it is feeling the baby grow and squirm; well, and of course, the end result!  I hate being pregnant, but I love the outcome!  Other than that.  No, not enjoyable.

She reeeaaallly misses sex.  She's like, "It's been two months!  How long will i have to wait after?"  After you're all healed down there you can try it.  For me, I wasn't pain free until around 5-6 months; but it's different for each woman.  And we caught up!!!  Then...I got pregnant around 9-10 months.  Yeah some things were forgotten in our lusty haste.

She's due around Feb 21st, and I'm excited to actually have a close friend that I'll be able to set up play dates with and talk mom, right?

Speaking of not liking being pregnant and sex, my husband said after this I should go on birth control.  No, I've been on BC before, I didn't like it--they seriously messed me all up!  When I stopped taking the pills, I didn't have a period for 6 months!  And it was like my body was playing catch up with super heavy and super long irregular periods after that!  It took about 2 years for my body to get on a regular, normal period schedule.  I'm not putting chemicals in my body.  Condoms are fine.  "But I hate condoms."  Honey, no one likes condoms.  Condoms nor BC are 100% baby proof!  I like condoms vs putting annoying chemicals into my body.  They should make birth control pills for men.  Let's fuck with your fertile factory instead of mine, yeah?  If I don't get a girl this time, I'm trying for one more in a couple of years, and I don't want to have anymore issues than I've had.

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