Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Suck It Up, Buttercup

So I've got my first doctor's appointment on Tuesday, February 11th at 8 am at Riverside Hospital.  I'll be around 23 weeks, give or take.  Yeah, didn't think that one through.  I kept on waiting and waiting until we had, for sure, insurance before I made the appointment, when I should've just bit the bullet and made it last month, like I was going to do, anyway.

Good news is, hubby is in the process of becoming full time, or so says his boss, which means we oughta have insurance by the time I go in for this appointment.

I wish I had made the appointment sooner.  1) to know what the heck is going on in there (fetus is kicking right now), 2) this week I probably could've learned the gender, and 3) Um, I can't remember, I got caught up on the squi--Oh,  and 3) to see if the doctor can help me with my horrid inability to control my bladder!  Bladder wise, this sucks.  I nearly have 0 control here.  Pads aren't working, I sit and sleep with towels under me, kegel exercises ain't helping.  I need diapers, I guess.  I just hope that I don't pee myself tomorrow during my interview.  Or before.

Also tomorrow is Lycan's 1 year appointment.  Get to see how big he's got; kid is huge, tall, not fat.  Although he's heavier than most of his cousins.

And I've, of course, been thinking about what to do with the kid if I get this job.  I think I might go for a day cares, after I perform the necessary research.  Overall, they're safer than a baby sitter, some have camera now-a-days, are trained in CPR, have the necessary education in early childhood development (or should anyway), and I'll be able to afford it.  But last night I got to thinking how much my mornings are going to be complicated.  I'm going to have to get up around 6 am, get ready, get Lycan up, fed, dressed, then take him to where ever the daycare is going to be.  LEAVE him there.  Gonna make me cry.  Leaving my baby in some strangers care.  Then get to work by 9 am (actually, I prefer to get there 20 minutes before).  Holy crap. Then pick him up after 5 pm.

I hate complications.

Well, most parents have to do it.


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