Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sippy Cups and Impatience

Lycan's movin on up!  Today he graduated to a sippy cup.  We went from a bottle to a straw cup.  I tried the sippy cup after the bottle, but it didn't really work, despite that he was putting his head back and even trying drinks from our cups.  I figured he'd be ready for a sippy cup, but wasn't.  Straw cups taught him how to hold on.  Lately, he's been interested more and more in our cups, as well as tossing his head back when drinking from the straw, so we finally got him a different sippy cup.

Today's been a day of teaching him how to tip it back to get his drinks.  Man, when he got the cup, he was walking all around, succeeding and failing, but still kept walking with it.  He'd get frustrated, we'd show him again and again.  He's learning how much is too much, when he throws himself on his butt while drinking.  It's been an interesting day.  It's going to be an interesting couple weeks until he gets it down.  Plus, we still let him drink from our cups when he shows interest.

And....Lycan's moved into the temper tantrum stage.  Yay.  Earlier, I had just warmed up his lunch, and as I was walking away from the kitchen and him, he threw himself down and started screeching!  It was alarming!  But I told him to follow me and walked out.  Crawling, he threw a fit, but finally reached daddy who had a spoonful ready.

Child is impatient concerning food and drink!  Lately, he's just been doing the screaming cries, now he's moved onto stomping his feet and throwing himself down.  I just ignore him, or try, until he calms down.  The way he was acting, one would think we starve the kid.  Jeez.  Makes me want to apologize to my parents and baby sitters for how I must've acted when I was little!

His highs are high, but his lows aren't that low.  He tends to calm himself down quick.  Let's just hope that lasts for the terrible twos, yeah?

So far, that's the only time he has a temper tantrum is when he's hungry or thirsty.  Normally I have his meal all ready for him--I make it while he naps--but can't always do that.  I guess he's always been a demanding little bugger--even in the womb....just like number 2!  I was a demanding kid, too.

Other than his hunger impatience and teething, Lycan's pretty easy kid.  So far.  Sometimes he cries during naptime, but that's mainly because he's thrown out his blankie and binkie.  Plug everything back in, and he falls to sleep right away.

Speaking of binkie, I'm pretty sure this kid has a hidden compartment in his crib somewhere.  Hubby put him down earlier with his clear binkie.  I put him down for nap number two with the blue binkie.  He awoke from his nap and I put the blue binkie in the crib where he wouldn't be able to reach it.  He later came out of his room with the clear binkie in his mouth!  Where the heck was it?  I searched for it!  I asked him where he found it and he just smiled and laughed.

Oh, and I taught him how to say turtle...halfway.  He says "turt", for his Twilight the Turtle nightlight.  He's got Turt and Tat his black cat.  That child just brings me so much joy.


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