Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quickie Check-In

Should probably mention that Lycan started walking a bit here and there on Christmas and the day after, then didn't walk at all until this week (Jan 6) and he's been walking like crazy, multi-tasking, and trying to run, too.

Today I also bought Lycan some wooden blocks from Playskool.  I wish I could've found plastic or cloth blocks, because these are rough to the touch with sharp edges.  I still want to make him some Pagan themed blocks, which are well sanded, corners rounded, and sealed.  These are not sealed.  However they did come with a nifty bag.  But and rough.  He seems to like em though.

Aside from their texture, they're colorful, with upper and lower case letters, woodburned pictures of numbers, animals, +, -, =, and a door, bricks, 40 blocks, etc.  Pretty nifty.  Here's a customer review with pictures and play.

Last weekend, the fetus--ranging 18-19 weeks-ish--kept me awake just a kicking and squirming.  It was great, even though I was needing the sleep.  This evening, they gave me quite the kick.

Over all, I've only gained 7 lbs, despite the junk I've been eating, so not too bad.  I thought I was gaining a ton due to my diet.  With my son, I ate super healthy.  With this, not super duper, though I'm getting better.

Speaking of the squirms....

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