Thursday, February 28, 2013


Baby boy is 2 months today, his measurements are: 23 inches long, 12 lbs 12 oz.  Seems like he should be bigger than he is....  The kid has almost outgrown his swing!  We love the damn thing, it's great when he's fussy and/or tired, and is in no mood to exercise!  Just strap him in and turn it on!  He loves it, too.  He's already outgrown the Cozy Cover on his car seat, which I'm kind of happy about, because he can see more of the world, instead of just the ivory inside of a warm, water proof cover. 

And by outgrown I mean, the cover's laying against his face.  Not cool with momma.  Now it's off and we can utilize the...crap what's it called?  That hood thing.  Car seat awning, I dunno.  But we can use that, and one of the afghans (from family) to drape over it. 

Wish we could've got a better picture because he got 3 shots today.  2 in his left, 1 in his right, and some oral medication.  Was not having it!  Although I cried a little, and hubby got all glossy eyed.  No normal person enjoys seeing their kid in pain, even from a shot.  Needless to say, he's been sleeping for the most part.  My SIL said that her twins slept a lot after their shots, so hopefully, Lycan will, too.  Just in case, we bought him some infant pain reliever.  Please no swelling, diarrhea, or fevers!

Next doctor's appointment--and round of shots--is in two months.  Once again, I'm excited to see his measurements....not so much for his shots. But before then, I'm really excited about his first sabbat in March: The Spring Equinox! 

We're really hoping that it'll be warm enough to take him to our favorite park.  Try out his stroller, too.  Hopefully that won't be disappointing.  Not happy about some of the reviews I read online, but those were only few.  Apparently Baby Trend is alright if it's still on the shelves.  But if not, we'll exchange it. 

Baby's first holiday, so there's not a lot he'll be able to do or remember, but I'd still like to show him things through sight and touch.  Plus, make a nice dinner for us, offerings for the Spirits, and a ritual.  Until then, I'm collecting arts and crafts in a binder for when he (and his future siblings) is older. 

Tara Dennis: Egg Tree Ostara Crafts
She Knows Parenting: Spring Egg Crafts
DLTK: Easter Egg Crafts for Kids
Make: Craft: Host a Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt
Instructables: String Easter Eggs

One of the things I like about some of the Christian holiday's are the many--often universal--Pagan symbols.  Even though we don't celebrate Easter, we can still do somethings like the decorations, the crafts, and the egg hunts.  My mom is already planning on making him an Easter basket, but in my family, like Christmas, Easter is more of tradition--something for the kids--and less about religion.  Whereas the Spring Equinox will be more about spirituality--done in a way to teach the kids about nature and growth (well, SE and May Day).   I'll elaborate more on this idea later, when I have my thoughts in better order. 

Right now, I need to spend some baby time with my little boy.  Too bad he's too young for chicken soup!  As hubby said, "Too bad there's not a comfort food for babies...."


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spreading the Joy

While looking at the dinosaurs on Lycan's onesie the other day, I began to think about toys.  Both my husband and I kept our favorite toys from when we were young, with plans of passing them onto our kids when they're old enough.  I still have all of my dinosaurs, Lion King, X-Men, Webkinz (yeah I was into that phase as a college kid), and My Little Ponies (from the 80's and 90's), and hubby has wrestling and Dragon Ball Z figurines, too.  We took very good care of our toys, me more so than him. 

I cared a lot about my toys, as a kid and as an adult. 

Some of my dinosaurs are toddler safe, and I was thinking about when I'll be able to pass them onto him.  Suddenly, I felt a lot like teenager Andy from Toy Story 3 (a favorite movie trilogy).  His apprehension in passing his favorites onto that little girl.  Even though he's not going to play with them as often--I'm almost 29-years-old and I still play with some toys once in a while (I still watch cartoons, too).  Heck, in looking at toys today, shoot, there will probably be time when mommy and daddy play with the kids toys after they've gone to bed!  Have you seen some of today's toys?  They're cool!  Even the toddler toys! 

So yeah, in my mind, I thought that the key scene of him resisting at first.  Then realizing that a toy's purpose isn't to be packed away, but to be played with.  He knew the little girl was going to take good care of them.  And...let them go.  Even his most favorite, Woody. 

I guess all parents, even those of inanimate objects (which were often a child's best friend), need to let go once and a while.  Pass the torch.  Let your kids enjoy the toys as much as you did.  Or so that's the hope.  I also hope that our children will take care of them.

Though a little apprehensive myself, I'm looking forward to the day that he's old enough to enjoy some of our childhood favorites. 


Friday, February 22, 2013


I don't remember if I posted about this or not, but some pagan bloggers and etsy artists have inspired me to make my own Pagan themed flash cards for our children.  Flash cards that teach the alphabet and the matching of symbols, tools, and other things related to religion, spirituality, and just overall animals, dinosaurs, cars, etc. 

In accordance to those ideas, I've also been wanting to make a poster of the alphabet, using pictures.  And it's like the internet is tuned into my brain.  Over on Design Dazzle, they have a wonderful idea using wooden banners.

Playful Pagan (looks like they're either closed on or hiatus)
Treegold and Beegold

Not necessarily related to the topic, but I just found these and my husband loves em and wants to get em for Lycan:

Thor's Hammer Soft baby Rattle
Heathen Born Embroidered Infant/Toddler Bib


Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yay, sex!  I'll spare you the details....  ;-)  except that it was awesome and I feel a lot better about life.  Apparently, second time's a charm!

Part of being a parent, we've realized, is being excited to buy our son toys that will help him learn.  The other day we stopped by the baby department at Meijer and bought him a hooded towel (with turtles), a nightlight (just in case he needs it), and a play mat.  We have a beautiful hand-made pond themed blanket that he put him on for exercise and tummy time, but we wanted something with more stimulation, bright colors, music, over hanging toys, things to grab onto, and a mirror.  It's too early to tell, but he seems to like one toy.  It's a spiral with beads.  He just focuses on it and seems to try to grab it.  We're hoping it'll help him figure out this whole rolling from back to tummy (since he already knows how to do it the opposite way).  So far, he's just grabbing and pulling himself along the floor.  He's got back scootin down.  Back Scootin Boogie, as I call it. 

I can't wait for him to get more active and interested in toys and games and books.  I'm a book worm, we're hoping to imbue that same love of reading in our children.  My BFF's parents always encouraged her and her brother to read when they were kids.  If they brought a toy to buy, majority of the time they were told no.  But a book was almost always a yes.  We're going to try that method.  

Before leaving, I made a beeline for my favorite section (and I hope it to be his favorite too), the books!  Went to the Baby Books and was drawn to a board book with two polar bears dancing under the moonlight, called On the Night You Were Born.  Flipping through, I fell in love with the artwork and the moon presence on every page.  The story is also pretty, too.  Hubby loved the message, so we bought Lycan his first book. 

Haven't read it to him yet, but I'll get around to it.  Right now, I'm just focusing on our "conversations", singing random songs, and an odd thing about my voice.  I have a deeper voice, sometimes I sound like my mom, but when I talk to him, my voice gets higher.  Like when my mom talks to her cats (she's the crazy cat lady btw).  Before Lycan I tried this voice when talking to her cats and I just couldn't do it....but now I can.  Weird mommy thing, I guess.  I was reading about it in What to Expect: The First Year and I guess it's kind of normal for that to happen.  For some mom's anyway.

Oh, it is warmer yet?  I'm really looking forward to spring and summer, when we'll be able to put him in his jogger and show him our favorite park (Darby)!  Hopefully it'll be nice enough on the Spring Equinox to take him.  Hopefully.  There are lots of parks we're going to take him to this year--all of our favorite places....though some we won't be able--well, I won't, I'll be stroller bound!

Happy to report, we gave Lycan his first real bath last week and he liked it.  I'm so glad he likes water.  I'm a water baby and hubby is not.  There have been summer days that I've spent all day long swimming in pools.  My nickname is Orca for a reason.  However, daddy's like a rock in the water.  He can swim, just not very well.  Doesn't really care for swimming at all.  Hopefully this is a sign that Lycan, mommy's little Sea Goat (he's a Capricorn), loves the water, bath time, and swimming, too!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Okay, Right?

Time and time again I've told my husband to not fall asleep with the baby in our bed, either on him or between us.  I always have these normal healthy worries of one of us rolling on him or him falling off of hubby's chest.

Well, hubby fell asleep and Lycan spasmed off of his chest and onto the floor about 2 hours ago.  Our box mattress sits on the floor, so the fall wasn't too far.  He landed on his back.  We comforted him, looked him over, observed him, I'm still awake, observing him, but he seems okay.  No bruising, no swelling, no change in behavior.  His breathing's fine.  In fact, he's sleeping like a baby.  But I'm not.  I can't sleep.  I want to make sure he's not in shock or something.

I've realized that the thing that happened with Marsden (me stepping on him) and the miscarriage have really fucked me up.  I'm traumatized by those events.  Makes me an even bigger worry wort than a lot of new parents.  I just have these horrible images that pass by of him getting seriously hurt, like being dropped when we're carrying him, the car seat falling, Lycan being crushed by a sleeping husband, or kicked.  I just can't shake them.  I do, I tell myself that we're careful.  Also that babies are dropped all the time; they're flexible and durable.  But then an article of a car seat falling off of a cart and killing a 3 week old infant catches my attention and those fears come back.  It's horrible for the parents, but I'd like to think we're smarter than that.  But accidents happen all the time.  I still feel horrible for the woman who lost her baby in this manner a few weeks ago.

Scares the hell out of me.

SID's is another thing always on my mind.  I hardly ever get any sleep because any noise he makes--especially coughing--I wake up to check on him.  Every hour I check on him to make sure he's still breathing.

Instinct tell me he's fine, but these incessant fears and worries...muddling everything.

Doesn't help that some people just don't understand.  They make fun of me for being one of those new parents that freaks out over everything.  Of course many don't know about the miscarriage.  I don't freak out over everything.  I just don't like feeling like I have no control.  With the embryo, I had no control over it's loss.  When I was pregnant, I was worried about losing him all the time.  I couldn't enjoy my pregnancy.  Worried about miscarrying.  Even during delivery, even though i could hear his heartbeat, I was scared that he was going to be a stillborn.  Now that he's out, I just feel that I need to be there to make sure he's okay.

I'm terrified of losing him.  

Although I know coddling him isn't healthy.  Kid needs some time away from mom, and vice versa, to figure things out on his own.  I have been working on myself, with trusting my instincts instead of giving into my fears.  Learning how to trust my husband, although I have new reasons to hate his Sleepy Self.

Sleeping Hubby is a heavy sleeper.  Sleeping Hubby forgets that the baby is near him.  Many times I've seen--and stopped--him from doing stupid shit.  Awake Hubby used to think that I was just nagging him.  Well, not now.  Now Hubby knows to listen to me and NOT sleep with the baby.

It's important for me to not yell at my husband about this.  It was an accident.  I have to put myself in his shoes.....if it'd be me I would already be blaming myself for it.  Nothing would console me.  I'd probably have flash backs to stepping on the ferret.  And two, I tend to shut down when being screamed at.  I'd just retreat back into depression....I can't afford to do that again, not with Lycan in the picture.  I can't shut down again.  I have to not let my (misdirected) anger get the best of me, turning me into a raging blaming monster like my father.

I have to be fair and understanding, even though a part of me is angry with him.  Part of me wants him to feel like shit for not listening to me.  That's that dark Aries in me...the vindictive side.  But I don't want to ruin his confidence.  He's a great dad, even if his Sleepy Self sucks.  We need to be supportive of each other; he's already done his fair share in making sure that I don't fall to pieces due to stress. 

It's my fault, too.  I could've stayed awake and put Lycan in his crib instead of just going to bed, when he asked me to.  But I was exhausted and didn't want to deal with him possibly waking up.  Plus he's been having problems sleeping in the pack 'n' play (I think we're holding him too much when he sleeps).

New parents make mistakes all the time.  Do things that they're advised to not do, like sleeping in the same bed with the infant.  We're just lucky it wasn't something more serious. We've learned our lesson.

If only I could calm down enough to trust that everything's fine and go to sleep?  What a shit-tastic night. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

That Was a Flop

Had my doctor's appointment today, told her about my symptoms, the perina....periuum, the whatever, the bulging taint.  She examined me and it's not vaginal prolapse, thank the Spirits!  Instead, she said the bulging, since I only feel it down a bowel movement, is probably just poop....weird and gross, right?  It's something to think about now whenever I have to poop.  The bulge.  Which wasn't so bad today, if that's any indication....don't worry, I'm won't be giving daily updates about my bulge. 

Everything looked good, I'm due back for my pap in August, and I'm cleared for sex.  To celebrate, we bought my favorite champagne.  Although sex....was a flop.  Even with lube, it was a flop.  I swear, it feels like I'm a freaking virgin again.  I'm just nervous and scared.  Afraid for the pain.

I want to have sex, but I don't.  We tried, although I wasn't all that into it, and he could see that I was trying.  I was nervous.  We tried, it stung.  Almost felt like the stitches were up inside.  I know they're gone, but now I think I've just mindfucked myself into fearing intercourse.  That's depressing.

Which is weird because I've been sexually abused, but I guess vaginal delivery is the most traumatic thing my vagina (many vaginas) will ever go through.  It's just not ready.

It is comforting to know that I'm not the only woman with these fears and worries.  Plenty of women experience this.    It'll pass, especially when I'm more comfortable that I'm healed and feel normal down there.  Right now, it just doesn't feel normal.  It's a wrecked and ravaged place, totally alien to me now.  I'm not interested in sex at the moment, although my libido is picking up. 

Big ole sigh.  Can't wait until this phase is over.  And it's important that I voice my concerns to my husband, which I have and I'm lucky to have such a supporting man in my life.  Keeping the lines of communication open.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Practical Thinking

I'm loving that swing my mom got Lycan.  He was just having one of those moments where he wanted to be held, wasn't happy with me sitting, wanted to be rocked, AND to have something interesting to look at.  Apparently interesting was him looking at the blinds.

Put him in the swing, he's being held, is moving, and has a moving monkey mobile and a mirror to look at, plus soothing music.  He was asleep for a little bit, but I had to turn off the swinging part (I don't like leaving him swinging for more than 30 minutes), but now daddy's home and he's awake! 

As my mom said, it's the Mac Daddy of swings....well, would be if it vibrated.  But it has 4 different sounds, multi-speed swing, and swings 2 different ways in 3 directions.

I actually didn't want it, I wanted something smaller and more apartment friendly, although it does fold a little so you can carry it down the hallway.  I wanted a bouncer, something I could put on the table or at my feet.  But she loved it and is pretty proud of herself.  He does enjoy it, and so do I.

Yesterday she was over, and I was telling her how, with the refund, we wanted to get him a walker or a entertainer, something to help him develop hand-eye coordination and those leg muscles.  (We decided on the entertainer because I don't know how well those walkers move around on carpet,)  She's opted to buy it for us.  Okay, cool.  She was dead set on getting him a bouncer, too, with vibration...(if she'd listened....but it's cool.)  I told her that I'd rather have the entertainer and a high chair, simply because he's only going to use the swing and the bouncer for a few more weeks, need to think ahead, especially with how fast he's growing.  6 weeks old and already in 3-6 month clothes!  And he's strong as an ox, I want to exercise him more than just floor routines.  He's going to be supporting his watermelon head here soon!

"I'd never thought of that.  Look at you, thinking about the future!"

Yeah and about apartment size!  With the high chair, it's compact, slender, folds, and has wheels.  I've already got a place for it, too.  Plus the tray is dishwasher safe and the....brain fart...cushion is machine washable.  Practical, too, right?  There's a lot of cool baby things out there, but ya gotta think about certain things like:

  •  Size and how large your space is.  It the item bulky?  Can it be easily moved?  Easily stored?
  • Cleaning?  Can it be easily cleaned?  Like my George Foreman Grill, I love cooking with it, but I hate cleaning it.  Wish I could just take it apart and put the grill in the sink or the dishwasher.  Same principle here, can you detach parts of it for easy cleaning?   
  • Time?  Is it worth owning/paying some price for the time that your kid will use it?  Maybe you can get something else for the future? 
  • Can it be easily assembled?  What tools would you need?  
  • Batteries? 

And there's lots more to think about, but I'm not listing it.  Each person's going to have their own concerns.  From new parent to veteran, poor to rich.  Something you won't think about until after, or perhaps you'll have more or different concerns with your next kid?

It's also important to know that just because you love something, doesn't mean your kid will.  So maybe dropping hundreds on that toy or device isn't that best of ideas (maybe buying new isn't the best idea?  Some used items are just as good and generally cheaper and often in great condition).  Be sure that you check the return policy and keep those receipts and boxes!  If not, see if there's a buy back place nearby, like a Once Upon a Child, or donate.  After we get our use from this stuff (if it lasts that long) mostly likely, we're going to donate it.  

Shop around, comparing not just prices, but also features.  Check out customer reviews, that sort of thing.  Most likely you're not new to shopping, but sometimes things slip the mind....especially when you're inexperienced.  :-)

In the coming of the warmer months, I'll let ya know about how I like my jogger (3-wheeled stroller).


Friday, February 8, 2013

In More Pleasant News...

Lycan is 6 weeks today and that little kid is determined to roll over!  He's got it, from belly to back, but hasn't figured out that if he rolls his head, he can go from back to belly.  At least he's got the hip movement down, after only days since the previous milestone.  Figure after this feat, he'll be tackling crawling next.

And he was awake for 6 hours today, too.  Just trying to figure stuff out.  Still working on his days and nights.  Bedtime, we turn off the lights and turn down the volume on the television in the bedroom, talk to him in soft voices, and limit our interaction.  Though it's hard, I've still got that new parent syndrome, with wanting to check on him with every noise he makes.  Every since he choked on his spit a couple of weeks ago, I've been a little on edge.  But now that he's cooing, I've had to force myself to chill out.  Let this kid figure stuff out on his own and for me for trust that he can.  Not every noise is one of distress!

It's hard, and I think that the miscarriage has something to do with it.  SID's is on my mind a lot, too, because of the miscarriage.  I'm chilling out day-by-day, but it's still difficult.  Just gotta have a little bit of faith, is all.  I'm also a worry wort, but I'm getting better!

As for the day, I've been letting in some sunlight, or turning on lights, as well as turning the TV or music volume up.  We're more active, and do his daily exercises.  We talked more and louder.  Simple things like that....well, simple and easily taken for granted.  :-)

My mom's coming tomorrow for some Baby Time (hopefully he'll have a repeat performance tomorrow for her!), and to give momma a bit of a break, but I'm adjusting to parent life easier than I thought.  Although I think as he becomes more active, I'm going to be longing for these early days of napping more often.  BUT hopefully him being more active, will mean him sleeping longer through the night, which will be a more natural time of sleeping.  Right?  Well, I can dream, can't I?  I mean, I know eventually that'll happen, just wish people would stop asking me if he's sleeping through the night, yet.  It's getting my hopes up!

Eventually he'll do it, right?  Like sooner than later?!?!?!

Just kidding.  Sleep when the baby sleeps!   Like I should be doing right now...  I remember why I'm not sleeping now, aside from it being hard for me to sleep past noon, I'm hungry.  I should probably get my grub on before he decides it's time to get his, too.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Life and Times of my Vagina

I'm so glad that I have that check up in less than a week.  Things did not heal as planned, I think.  That bump is...weird.  I went to wipe and notice it was sticking up like a horn or something.  I dunno how to explain it and haven't been able to find any odd vaginal healings on the internet.  But then, since I don't know how to word it, perhaps that's why I'm not able to find it? 

I pushed on the bump and it went back down but, I dunno.  Shit is strange.  Makes me wish my appointment was tomorrow so I know what the fuck's going on down there.  I'm just wondering if I'm going to need surgery to correct it or something.  Something definitely isn't right about my vaginal canal/perineum.

Oh, I think it might be vaginal prolapse.  Goddess, I hope not.  What the fuck?  But it sounds like what's going on down there.  Why the fuck can't anything ever be normal for me? 

I need to stop looking at this shit, it's making me depressed.  Hope I'm just jumping the gun here and that's not what's going on here at all, dude.  Ugh!

Looking at the pictures, those bumps are coming from the vaginal canal, and mine's pressing against the perineum.  I dunno, I need to stop.  Get my mind off of this shit, and hope that my gosh damn insurance goes through if I need this surgery. 

Oh, and this morning, the bottle clogged, so instead of getting up for a new nipple, I squeezed and decided to suck a little out.  Oh, no, I got a mouth full and spit majority of that shit out.  Formula is disgusting, it's a wonder he's keeping it down at all.  The taste stayed in the back of my throat, too, for HOURS.  I was nauseous, literally on the verge of vomiting, all this morning and afternoon.  Foul, man.  



Due to Urinary Incontinence, gone are my days of going commando.  :*-(  I was hoping I'd be one of the lucky ones to not have those unexpected leaks, but...  Although it's still early...ish in the healing process.  There's hope for my snissing yet, but I'm not going to hold my breath. 

Got my 6 week check up on Tuesday, hopefully healing's gone as planned.  I was worried there for a little bit.  Normally me and stitches don't get along, as in it's like my skin rejects it a little and one of the ends of the wound kind of widens and bubbles...I don't know how to explain it, but no matter how neat and pretty they stitch it up, it never heals pretty. 

So I bit the bullet a few days or weeks ago, I dunno, I've lost all sense of time him.  He's got his days and nights mixed up and I just don't know anymore!  (We've been working--well, I've been working with him concerning that).  Anyway, yeah, I felt down there and it does not feel the same anymore.  I mean, the vag has always kind of reminded me of a strange alien, like the Yautja (Predator) mouth, but now it's really alien down there  Like a strange planet--the red surface of Mars comes to mind for some reason.  Nothing feels right.  Last week there was a bump!  Some more of that weird ass healing I do, apparently.  I guess it was just swelling because it's gone down a lot, but it's still there.  I dunno, I was reading that sometimes folds of skin can grow...WTF? 

The vagina's just stranger now.  How come they don't teach about the vagina in more depth to girls in sex ed?  They should.  I know more about a penis than about my own vagina.  Something's not right about that.  A lot that I know comes from just experience, what my mom's taught me, and this crazy ride called pregnancy and afterbirth. 

Then, going to the bathroom used to be an enjoyable experience.  But now, not so much these last couple of days, when ever I go and sit, I just feel this enormous pressure and discomfort down there.  Sucks.  Luckily I talked to my SIL about it--she had a C-section, but still had the same discomfort during her healing process.  Made me feel a lot better.  Then reading What to Expect: The First Year or whatever it's called, also made me feel better.  But like I said, I'll know more come Tuesday, if everything's good.  I experienced a tiny bit of bleeding today, but according to what I've read, that's normal. 

BTW, my SIL is expecting child number three in August.  She already has twins--Judah and Morgan--so we're all hoping she doesn't have another set of twins or more.  They're in the family and she already has a set, she's at a higher risk of having another set of multiples.  But we're excited. 

Milk wise, I'm all dried up.  That's depressing, but it is what it is.  My first week and a half was exciting, but after that, I was producing less and less each pump.  No matter what I did, what techniques I tried, what diet I ate, nothing worked.  I just felt worse because I was being pressured by my mom and husband to pump!  It's like they didn't get it, I knew how important breast milk is, I was excited about it!  I wanted to feed him milk from me!  He was happier, had better digestion, and I know his immune system was better because of it.  Also they didn't get how disheartening that was for me.  No matter what I did, nothing was coming out.  To them, I just seemed lazy and selfish.  Perhaps that's just what believed that they felt because of the pressure?

It took 37 painful weeks for them to grow, and less than a week to shrink back to their normal size.  But it's not that size that matters, and I knew that, but it only reminded me that I wasn't able to nourish him in a more natural way.  Needless to say, I haven't been happy about it, but at least mom and hubby have stopped harassing me about it.  I'm more focused on just keeping him happy and well fed.  He doesn't care what I feed him as long as I do.  Besides I'm more worried about his constipation issues right now. 

We've learned that Walmart Brand Parent's Choice Formula (Generic brand of Enfamil) does not work for him.  Stuffs him up, doesn't keep him full, and he throws up every time.  Not even Meijer Brand Formula works and that's the generic brand of Simulac (or however it's spelled).  Now he's on Spit-Up Simulac and it works okay.  He's still having constipation issues (we've tried the Sensitive formula), but he's staying fuller and isn't throwing up every feeding.  Still has his moments, but not every time. 

Had his 1 month check up on the first and the doctor told us to give him an ounce of apple juice (1/2 apple juice, 1/2 water).  That worked....but not for long.  I guess the next step is pear juice, if that doesn't work, then there's prune.  But I think we just need to keep him on one brand for a while and hopefully he gets used to it.  I know that some babies just don't poop everyday.  Heck, one of my nephews only pooped once every 4 days.  But Lycan's poops are not normal in terms of color and consistency.  Poor baby's constipated.  So we're staying with our brand/type, giving him apple juice once in a while, and have started some infant exercises (bicycling his legs and letting him have tummy time). 

Up, time for a feeding. 

And of course I type about his constipation and he blows up his diaper.  ;-)  Parent's Choice Formula may suck for him, but their diapers are awesome.  At least for now, they're better than Pampers and Huggies. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rolly Polly

Congrats to The Domestic Witch on giving birth (which was actually earlier this month/at the end of last month).

Little Wren, nearly 6 weeks, rolled over for the second time.  He first rolled from his belly last night, while in the Pack'n'Play, then earlier today while on a blanket on the floor.  He's determined to be up and moving!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pagan Baby Book

I’ve written posts about Pagan Baby Books before, over on Book of Mirrors, but those were before I was remotely pregnant.  But like some Pagan parents I plan on raising my child(ren) in my faith and thus wanted a memory book that marked certain magikal milestones with certain themes and even had certain Witchy/Pagany information about said child. 

As I’ve found, Pagan Themed Baby Books are few and far between, so the best way is to Do It Yourself!  And why not?  No one’s path is cookie cutter, and those books tend to generalize anyway.  What some parents may want to remember, another won’t.  Like I don’t particularly care to know the world news and world leaders, or fashion trends, around the time my kid was born, whereas another person might find that interesting to note. 

I’m currently working on three baby books (one for child) trying to find a good method.  Right now I’m working from a general, mundane Baby Book (from my son’s great grandma—which I’m actually surprised that it’s not a Christian themed book!).  Yeah, I’m recording, but I’m also working on rough drafts for a Scrapbook and a Photobook from Shutterfly (given that Target gave me a $20 gift card and I love that site!).

In making your own Baby Book, ask yourself about the medium you wish to work in?  Do you want a scrapbook, which you can either purchase one already put together from any craft store, or buy the binding and the pages separate.  Most books you can add pages to anyway.  Many craft stores, at least in the states, have a section for Scrapbooking, as it’s a popular medium to use.  Sections which include 2D and 3D stickers, picture holders, stamps (I’m a stamp lover, personally), and other accessories.  Crik It’s are awesome; you can make your own cut outs with it from what I’ve seen (one of my friends is a scrapbooker).  Or you can get a stencil, some colorful cardstock/paper, or draw it yourself and make the cut outs yourself, or just grab some markers, crayons, inks, paint, and decorate the pages yourself. 

Instead of buying a scrapbook binding, you can also just buy a binder, some pretty stationary, and plastic page protectors. 

With any book, you can tape or glue in objects like cards, hospital hats and bracelets, and other documentation, other items of memory.  And/Or you can just keep these things in a box, be it a decorative box or a tote! 

Maybe that’s just doin too much and you’re more of a photo album person?  That’s fine, too!  Don’t forget to write dates, people, and other things of memory on the back of your photos!

Going the book method, now ask yourself what kind of information is important to you?  Flip through baby books for ideas.  Here’s some of the mundane:

·        Title Page: Picture of Baby, Title, Date
·        Letter to Child
·        About Your Mom: Name, Birth date, Parentage, Sibling(s), Hometown, Education, Talents/Skills, Feeling on being a parent (picture of mom)
·        Ditto with Dad (picture of dad)
·        How Parents Met: First Date and Marriage/Handfasting
·        Family Tree: From Baby to Siblings (if any) back to Great Great Grandparents (or however far back you want to go), on mom and dad’s side.  Family Photos.
·        Getting Ready/Preparing: Learned of Pregnancy, First People Told, How Did You Celebrate?, Original Due Date, First Ultrasound, First Heard Heartbeat, First Felt Movement, Favorite Foods, Least Favorite Foods, Favorite Part of Being Preggo, Least Favorite, Did You Gain or Lose Weight?, Research?   Include photos of your journey, from the positive test to the ultrasound photo(s), weekly/monthly preggo pictures.
·        Baby Shower: Hosts, Date, Location, Theme, Guests, Gifts, Invitations, Pictures
·        It’s Time: Labor Pains Begin and End, Where Were You?, Hospital, Doctor, Parent’s Reactions, Who Was in Delivery With You?, Before Delivery Picture, Who Was in the Waiting Room?
·        The Birthing Story (Pictures)
·        Baby: Name, Birth date, Time, Length, Weight, Eyes, Hair, Blood Type, Godparents, Who You Looked Like, Reason Why Name Was Chosen, Other Names Considered, Nicknames, Other Observations?, Weather?, Pictures of Baby and Family, Birth Certificate, Hand and Foot Prints, Hospital bracelets, Other Keepsakes,
·        Announcement: Newspaper Clipping or Screenshot (if done on Facebook, like us)
·        Visitors and Gifts
·        Coming Home: First Day Home, Weather?, Address, Baby’s Room, First Memorable Moments at Home.  Pictures of Coming Home Outfit, House/Apartment, Baby’s Room.
·        News of the Day: President, Leaders, Popular Entertainers, Top Songs, Top Movies, Sports, Best-Selling Books, Fashion Trends, Shared Birthdays.  The Price of Gas, Bread Loaf, Diapers, movie ticket, stamp, cost of living, etc.
·        Growth: Monthly measurements of weight and length/height.
·        Doctor’s Visit?  Name, Address, Check-ups, Vaccines, injuries, illness
·        Dentist?  Name, Address, First Tooth, Dates Teeth Came In On, Lost Teeth, Braces, Retainers, etc.  Pictures.
·        Other Firsts and Milestones: Smile, Roll, Steps, Word, Potty Time, etc.
·        Child’s Favorites: Songs, Toys, Stories, Games, Clothes, Animals, Foods, etc.
·        First Birthday

And the good stuff, the Witchy/Pagany ideas(depending largely on your tradition, beliefs, and what’s important to you):

·        Element kid is born under?  Some books have the Elements and their correspondences listed, including the Zodiac associated.  Below, I think, is from a Scott Cunningham book:
o       Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
o       Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
o       Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
o       Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
·        Depending on the Element discovered, you can plug in other details like Direction, Energy, What the Element Represents (Strength, Love, etc), Spirits, Time of Day, Cycle of Life, Season (season the element is associated with and/or what season your kid was born under), Colors, Senses, Stones, Metals, Herbs, Trees, Animals, Tools, Symbols (Rocks, landscapes, flame, river, etc).
·        Sun Sign
·        Moon Sign
·        Ascendant Sign
·        Spirit Animals/Guides/Guardians (if you think you know it; or perhaps the child’s favorite animal?)
·        Moon Phase
·        Lunar Month: Nature Spirits, Colors, Herbs, Flowers, Scents, Stones, Trees, Animals, Birds, Deities, Power Flow
·        Celtic Tree
·        Natal Chart
·        Baby Blessing/Wiccaning/Paganing?  Date, Who Performed It, Family/Friends/Covenmates Present, Gifts & Cards, Story, Other Observations and Notes?  Pictures!
·        Magik or Rituals: Any magik or rituals held during pregnancy or child’s growth, specifically for your child, such as Protection Against Miscarriage, Safe Delivery, Protection as they grow, Charms/Talismans/Amulets created, etc.
·        First Sabbat/Holiday/Circle: Date, Reason, Moon Phase, Chants/Music, People Taking part in Ritual, Memorable Moments
·        Child’s First Altar: Baby’s Altar (if had one), pictures of the child’s altar throughout the years.
·        First Tools: Handmade, Found, Bought, or Gifted
·        Child’s First Spellbook/Book of Shadows (whatever it may be called): Pictures and additional information
·        Childhood Deities: Any Deities/Spirits/Creatures they feel a special connection to?
·        First Spirit/Ghost/Paranormal Encounter?
·        Child’s Intiation
·        Any Other Observations?  Witchy/Pagany Behaviors like making “potions or spells”, riding a broomstick, learning about nature or magik, etc.  Perhaps messages from your Deities/Guides/Spirits related to your kid that you’d like to share?

Remember your first days or years of being a Witch or Pagan; what were some important events?  Relate this to your growing Witchling/Pagan.

Maybe you’ll want to include other things, too, like (if Wiccan) the Charge or the Three Fold Law?  Maybe a prayer, spell of protection/love/growth?  Pictures of your deities or other parenting deities?  Runes?  Or other images or symbols you feel would be a great addition to the baby book?  Perhaps infuse it with love and/or protection?  Blessings?  Maybe included a page telling your child about your path/tradition at that particular time (could be included in your Letter to Child). 

Get creative and think outside of the box.  This is a book for your child; what memories do you want to keep for them?  Do you want to tell them a little about your beliefs?  About your hopes and dreams for them? 

In addition to a Baby Book, you can also start keeping a starter Prayer/Ritual Book or Spellbook for them, ideas that I’ll be going over at a later time.