Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sensory Bottles

Tonight, I tried my hand at making my son Sensory Bottles, as inspired by Pink Pistachio.

Left to Right, here be my bottles:

  1. Pipe cleaners, wooden stakes, and rice - trying to create one of those calming bottles that are supposed to sound like rain.  Close, but no cigar.
  2. Another type of calming bottle, using water and glitter.  Now, I didn't know that water does funny things to glitter, like separate it or make it clump together, but now I do.  I've done the research afterwards to learn that some people use glue or glitter gel, as well as corn starch.  However, as long as it works, right.  My next try I'll use ultra fine glitter and gel!  Ya live and ya learn!
  3. Pom poms and water.  Wish I hadn't used as many larger poms, but read #2's last line.
  4. Just buttons.  Haven't decided if I want to put water in it yet, but if I do, I may add ribbons, too.  

Tomorrow, I'm going to seal the bottles with a hot glue gun, then present them to my son in different ways, like hiding them in his favorite containers, or making treasure baskets with other items.  But my husband had the idea of making Sensory Bottles for our nieces and nephews this holiday, I may....depending on how the trial run goes.

In what ways do you enrich your baby/child's life?


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