Monday, December 9, 2013

Menopause vs Pregnancy = A Lose Lose Situation

My mom's menopausal and I'm pregnant.  Plus we're both Aries.  Normally we get along fine, except recently. We're both really hormonal and for some reason she can't accept that I'm really emotional right now.  I literally cannot have any other emotion except happiness.  If I so much as show anything else, especially anger, she flies off the handle and acts like a damn child.

She just called telling me that I have to change the date of my son's birthday party because of money issues.  I'm not expecting gifts, just come and have fun.  That's all that I want.  I understand that people have invested their money in their families and in Christmas.  I get that!  I'm not expecting gifts! I'm stubborn as hell.  I want his birthday celebrated on the day he was born, but she's fighting me.  She wants his party to be in January or even February.  The fuck?  No.  He was born in December.

This sucks.  Of course I get mad, and then she says that I'm being ungrateful and that I don't understand what's going on, because apparently I'm just that stupid.  No, I'm not, I'm emotional and needed to get off the phone and talk later.  I told her that and she didn't listen.  She wanted to talk so I yelled at her and she hung up on me.  The phone's off.  I'm just, I'm fucking done with her right now.  I need time to process and calm down, but she doesn't fucking get it.

I'm this close to just cancelling it.  This is too much right now.  Just fuck everyone and do something with just the three of us.  Or maybe....have a birthday for him at my dad's on the 28th, then let mom do whatever the fuck she wants some other date.

Yeah, that would've been a great idea, having it at my dad's house, except now my husband isn't satisfied with the location.  The fuck?  I'm beyond frustrated.  Heads are about to roll, and one of them is named Dave.  I'm about to put my damn foot down.  I'm stubborn, right?  I carried the kid for 37 weeks, experienced shitty complications, went through 18 hours of labor.  I gave birth to him.  I get to decide when and where his party is.  End.  Of.  Discussion.


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