Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Evolution of Practice

Something's been on my mind for a while, and at first I wasn't going to write about it, but then I got to looking through some old Yule pictures and I got all nostalgic and inspired.

From 2011 to 2013, I've been pregnant.  First was a miscarriage; 2012, my son was born; and 2013 I'm pregnant again (the little one to be due in 2014).  My practice has taken a hit, obviously kids can be rather interrupting of many things, and so can pregnancy.  Before we were even trying for kids, I was very routine with meditating, journeying, cleansing, chakra work, and just everything having to do with spirituality and witchcraft.  I was growing into a strong Witch, my relationship with the Spirits was well connected.  It was great.

But being pregnant has left me exhausted and unpredictable.  Unpredictable in who knows when I'm going to gag, fart, pee, sniss, discomfort, and so on.  Distractions, right?  Not reliable when it comes to meditation!  Jackolope came to me a few weeks ago as a new Spirit Animal, one to help me with the Hedge work, and I was determine to meditate and meet with him, but my body had other ideas.  Growing a human.

Not to mention, having a child is, in itself, an unpredictable distraction!  Who knows when they'll make a loud noise or come knocking on the door?

It's just too much, too much.

As a Kitchen Witch, I still perform food and drink magiks, but those are quick and require little energy.  My bedroom use to be my sanctuary, but now it's the kitchen.  It's where my working altar is and where I've surrounded myself with gifts dedicated to Hestia.  It's the room that seems to be untouched by strange or negative energies.

I still perform cleansing rituals and things of that nature, they still keep me grounded and well connected.  They're simple.  The simple act of picking up toys or straightening up rooms, doing dishes, washing clothes, it's all spiritual for me.  Even if I'm groaning about my husband doing things that I can't understand, like tossing clothes BESIDE the laundry basket or not using the high chair despite that it's an easier and safer way to feed our son.  Some men confuse me.

I just don't do the things that I used to do, like keep up on my seasonal shrines and decorate the house.  I maintain my Hestia shrine and give offerings to the Spirits, but that's about it.  Ritual, higher spells, journeying, chakra work....not so much.  Back basic wards, cleaning/cooking magiks, etc, those are what I do keep up on.  My priorities have changed.

I'm still growing as a strong Witch, just not in the direction I originally thought.  Life's funny like that.

It's kind of funny how a person's practice can change unintentionally...evolving in another direction that you weren't anticipating  How the magik and ritual of a parent can be different than someone without kids, and later even different than someone who's children have left the nest.  It's interesting to me, even if I can't put it into coherent thoughts right now.

But here's a visual look back at some of my Yule decorations....decorations that I'll eventually get back into the swing of things, especially when the kids are old enough to understand not to touch something, or when I have the means to put them in unreachable places.

Kids definitely force you to look and plan things out differently.  I know that many Witches lose themselves in child-rearing, they become completely disconnected and depressed.  I'm glad that I'm not one of them...that I've been able to see the magik in everyday life as a house wife and mom.  No, things aren't the same, but after a while, the same old becomes just that, old.  I'm still growing, just in a different way, along a different path.






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