Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ugh....Just Ugh

Every since our apartment started making us pay for water, it now smells and tastes dusty.  It's disgusting and it's not just me, it's making my son throw up, too.  Two days ago we bought a Brita Pitcher.  I've never had problems drinking from Brita pitchers before until yesterday. 

In the morning, I'd thrown up and drank from our brand new, clean pitcher.  Hydration, right?  I drank a lot of the water.  And started to have really watery diarrhea. 

I was already super nauseous from the pregnancy, hungry but couldn't keep anything down or in.  It's like if it missed the spring board in my stomach, it flowed straight through and out my ass.  Last night, I started putting the pieces together.  Every time I drank the water, I had watery poop. 

This morning, after having 0 occurances, I sipped my glass with some Tylenol, and ta-da!  Had a little bit more watery diarrhea.  So this morning, I Googled, "New Brita Water Filter and Diarrhea" and found others with the same problems.  Dear lord.  I've never heard of it happening, until a bit ago. 

We're going to try buying a new filter and re-washing the pitcher.  If that doesn't work, my husband's gonna have to suck it up and buy me bottled water because I am not getting the amount I need!


I'm super nauseous.  Our home water tastes disgusting.  And on top of it all, some 18-year-old kid ran a red light and totaled our car this morning.  My husband's okay, but damn, what a world.  Luckily, my mom and step dad are able to help out with the carnage. 

But a bit of good news, Lycan took his first steps yesterday, towards daddy, for some food.  I'm both excited and worried.  :-)


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  1. Oh wow. What a world, indeed! I'm glad your mother and stepdad can help with what's going on right now, and I hope insurance pays out well and quickly!