Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Proud to be an American, where I at least I know I'm fucked (especially since I'm poor and female). Didn't care about this whole government shutdown thing until I learned that WIC would be also be shut down. Figures politicians are so upset about Obamacare CLEARLY they're thinking about their citizens and not the money.  They're fighting the good fight, so it doesn't matter WIC is taken away from mothers and children who need it most.  Shit, according to most of them, it's a crutch.  That we poor mothers are taking advantage of.  (Yes, some are, but that's only a handful; unfortunately, it only takes a couple spoiled apples to ruin the bunch.  Most politicians wouldn't know poor if it came up and ass-raped them with a huge rusty meat tenderizer!)

The Great Temper Tantrum is what I'm calling this period.

We're on WIC.  It's been a great help, even with them having cut the amount they give us.

That's. Just....fantastic. Fan. Tastic. I'm holding in my sheer joy.  I might just.....explode....from my excitement.

I shant focus on this, however, even though part of this "money-saving" shutdown affects us, because there are more important things in my life to focus on.  Unlike most struggling families who also depend on WIC and other such programs, we have family who help us buy food for our son.

I don't really care for Obama (I'm moderant, btw, not liberal, republican, or democrat), nor know a whole lot about his care, but shutting down important programs like WIC is bullshit. Then again, America's not known for giving a shit about its poor, so I guess I can't really be too surprised, can I?

It's only the land of the free, if you're a rich christian male!  Oh, and straight, or at least straight in the public eye. 

It's just....fucking...selfish.  

As George Carlin said, once upon a time, "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to experience it."  It's a shame that they only care about what's fair for them...money...that they can't see people, especially infants and children as anything more than dollar signs.  Nope, they're not lives, they're cents.

I'm so disappointed in my country.


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