Sunday, October 27, 2013

We're Coming to Get You and Your Little Embryo, Too!

In realizing that there's no point in dwelling on that which I do not know, I'm just going to keep on, keepin on like everything's okay, because for all I know, everything is.  I've already told my mom, who told my step dad, who accidently told Facebook, then recanted and deleted after my mom told him that it was a secret.  So, this time if I miscarry, I won't be alone in my misery.

Speaking of miscarriages, I wrote a status update on Facebook in regards to "helpful" online sites, concerning natural soothers verses chemicals soothers.  Advice for both me and the many preggo friends I currently have (three, in counting).

First, awful nausea, worse than with Lycan.  So my step dad, who's a Master martial artist, taught me a pressure point just below the knee, that when pressed for 2 minutes, alleviates nausea.  And it really works!  "Find the indentation on your knee.  Three fingers down, on that third finger, press and massage."  I burped really loudly, and my nausea was gone.  Success without drugs.

Second, I need something that Tylenol isn't helping with.  I've had a headache for the past two days and I just need something.  Some relief, and I prefer NATURAL means.  Sleep, hot shower (usually works for me), cold rag, nothing is working.  According to sites, I can't have lavender, much less Lavender oil against the temple, so other means, right?  I generally asked my Witch friends about natural soothers, they answered, and I looked up what was safe.  And here's the rant born from that search (these brackets [] are my in-blog edits and additions):

Man, I need a real herbalist--no offense Az--look online for stuff to aid my preggo friends the natural way (for one of my blogs) and all I'm finding are mixed reviews!  This same article said that it's okay to drink some filtered Jasmine, Peppermint, Lavender, and Chamomile teas, then further down, said that even a little of any of these could cause miscarriage!  Da fuck?!?!!? 

Which is it?  Safe or dangerous?  This is what happens when "professionals" do shotty research.  Telling ME to go to a herbalist, but they can't even do the research themselves for their shitty, shotty "helpful" article.

It doesn't help to go to "professional" sites because EVERYTHING LEADS TO A MISCARRIAGE!!!!  EVERYTHING!!!  It's like cancer or autism!  Got a cramp?  Miscarriage.  Nauseous?  Miscarriage.  Gassy?  Miscarriage.   Little bit of blood after sex?  Miscarriage.  Glowing skin?  That's probably cancer and a miscarriage!  Feeling movement?  That's not a baby you're feeling, that's a miscarriage! 

Do not seek advice from websites.  Especially "doctors" or WebMD.  They will freak you out
[and make you think you're dying or turning into a freakin zombie!].  Thing is, I doubt that they even know what causes most miscarriages [as my doctor told me when I miscarried the first time; most of the time, they don't know.  Lots of women, myself included, want answers, so I guess they just throw anything out there nowadays].  A woman has one and she ingested this, therefore it must be a causer.  No.  Like, some fish and raw diets.  Those are major preggo no-nos [fish high in mercury]....yet there are some cultures who only eat raw meats and fish....and they seem to be able to reproduce alright.  Mercury or no mercury.  [now granted, most of us don't live in a society where fish or raw meat is our primary source of nutrients, but still.]

Let's just not eat or drink anything, k?  Just vitamins.  Vitamins and water.....oh wait, just not tap, because tap water can lead to.....  you guess it, a miscarriage.  By the Gods, dude.  Everything's out to kill your baby!  Natural means of soothing?  Nope, all of those things will kill your baby, according to pharmaceutical companies, but here, our expensive DRUGS and CHEMICALS are healthy for you!!!!!  Pharmaceutical companies, don't even get me started on those assholes.  Umbrella CORP. anyone?

Now some advice from our local "everything's a miscarriage" survivor:  63tt53e43w1`3tu63rse

You read it here first.

I am, by no means a professional; I don't look professional, type professionally, or even claim to be a professional.  I always ALWAYS tell my readers that I'm not a professional or trained anything, and to do the research themselves.  But a lot of websites out there claim or at least have the look of being/are actually paid to write "helpful" blogs, but they don't do the research themselves!  Or even provide links to where they got their information from, or books that can help you, links that can take you to real herbalists!  Most college students do more real research than most of these "helpful" bloggers do!  AND we're required to give a list of our sources!

Wikipedia is crap, for one.  It's fine for Fanfiction and shit like that, but do not base your entire article on that website alone. 

We have to cross-check our sources and go to unbiased sources.  We're encouraged to find more books, journals, and scientific articles than online sites.  But the same doesn't apply to some of these "professional" do and don't preggo sites.

Keep that shizz in mind, readers.  Ask a doctor, a real herbalist, a licensed mid-wife, read real legit books, cross-check, and go to unbiased resources.  Or shit, ask real people with real experience on the matter, keeping in mind that what works for some, isn't going to work for others!

Double-edge dagger, a lesson that I've learned concerning photography, just because someone's studied and has a degree doesn't mean they know anything.  Those without the schooling, yet have real experience, they're probably more knowledgeable (that's where cross-checking comes in).  Only one of my prenatal doctors actually had any kids.  One of my stress-test nurses, she was completely ignorant, and yet I'm to believe she was an expert on what was going on inside my womb?!?!!  I'm getting to the point of belief that if you're ass doesn't have kids--be them adopted or born from you/spouse--your ass shouldn't be a doctor or nurse in the field of pregnancy, babies, or kids. 

In most cases, experience trumps education.  Maybe it's just the hormones ranting here, but damn it, that's how I'm feeling at the moment.

Rant over.

*A friend of mine said something about liability.  Well, that is true, we are a sue-happy society.  Annnnd I think my step dad's original post about me having "a bun in the oven" may have been seen by more than I thought...because of one of my friends--Az--just made a public "baby-brain" comment.  I'm trying to see if she means I've just got baby on the brain, still reeling from Lycan's journey, or if I need to do some damage control....

It's one thing to have my family (mom, step dad) know, it's quite another to have the FB family know, especially if I don't know if everything's all right!

Whew, crisis averted!


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