Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Having one of those days, where I wake up with a killer nauseating headache and baby refuses to take a nap without a fight.

  1. Woke up too early with a raging headache
  2. Forgot to eat breakfast
  3. Headache was so bad that I was gagging
  4. Laid him down for a nap, in which he did not
  5. Lost his binky, then couldn't find the other one
  6. After much searching found it
  7. Had to apply a ton of lotion under my lip so I could change a poopy diaper
  8. Still hungry
  9. Just laid him down for round two of naptime

Hopefully he sleeps!  I can only eat when he's asleep (because I don't like to share! And he's super demanding when it comes to food).

In other news, he's outgrown his bottle and a fifth tooth just broke through with #6 close by.

We plan on doing a family theme for his first Trick or Treat: Me as Little Red, Lycan as the Big Bad Wolf, and hubby as Grandma?  Yeah, I dunno, I think he should go as the Hunter, but for some reason, my husband wants to dress in drag....don't get it.

It today over yet?  Oh, crap, plus I have to work tonight.  UGH, FUCK IT!  I just wanna sleep!  Today is one of those days where I wish I was a rich house wife who has a live-in nanny, DESPITE that I don't need her because I don't have a job.  Except, I'm poor and have a shitty job.  Still need a nanny for days like today because I feel awful.

Week two of me feeling like shit on a stick.  


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