Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ugggghhhhhh, I am the plague!!!!

Dude, being pregnant and sick?  Awful!  Bad enough that my nausea is so much worse this time around!  I've already thrown up more times in the last month than I have my whole life!  I'm not a puker.  Headache, congestion, snotty nose, coughing, mucus, sore throat, faucet nose, achy body, and nausea?  I just threw up my dinner.  And some of it came out of my nose.  I just hope I didn't throw up my prenatal vitamins.  I barely got to the toilet, barely got the lid up.  Still had to clean it the seat. 

And my baby boy is sick.  He got it from his cousin, I got it from him.  He's a day ahead of me and is feeling much better today.  I'm hopeful to have a great first Trick or Treat with my little man.  Weather permitting, of course, if not, SOMEONE's hosting a costume party in November.  We searched high and low for Wolfman's costume.  It's not going to waste! 

For all I'm going through 1) I had better still be pregnant and 2) It better be a girl!

Ugghhhhhhhh, I'm going to bed.  Second night I've called off.  Tomorrow night is off.  And I've learned that I was supposed to request Friday night off so we could drive down to West Virginia for a wedding.  Wonder if I'm going to be hunky-dory for that event?  Honestly, as long as baby boy is feeling better, I'm happy, even if I'm laid up.  This weekend will be the first time he meets his great grandma on his dad's side.  So yeah.  Trick or Treat.  Samhain.  Great Grandma.  BIL's wedding. 

What a week to get sick.

Oh, and Happy Big 30th to the Hubs!  Whose big birthday plans were ruined by his little brother's peer pressure wedding.  It's cool, got a plan for that, unbeknownst to him.


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