Friday, October 18, 2013

That Red Monster

With teething sometimes comes diarrhea, and with diarrhea sometimes comes horrid rashes.  I was proud of myself yesterday.  Lycan had woken up screaming and crying, he had diarrhea and pooped a lot.  It went up his back.  I cleaned, gagging horribly, but I got the job done!  Wiped, changed his onsie (thank the Gods, he was wearing a onsie!), put on diaper cream (because he was kind of red around his genitals), and ta-da.  He was fine for a while.

After two water poops, he got a really bad rash on his butt.  Child was not happy.  Didn't want to sit on his butt on all.  Holding him was near impossible because he was avoiding my arm.  I gave him some medicene for the pain, creamed his butt, and can I just say that I hate baby wipes?  Have you ever wiped them across your own scratch or tender area, like your nose after it's been running for a while?  They burn!  It's awful!  WTH wipe makers?  Do they know it burns?  That child screamed bloody murder when I gently wiped his butt!  Poor little guy.  I felt so bad. 

Maybe it's just the off-brand wipes, I dunno, but Parent's Choice (Wal-mart), Comfort Choice (Kroger's off-brand), and Up&Up (Target) burn on tender skin and scratches!

So yes, he was in no mood.  I tried to get him to lay on his belly, but all he would do was stand.  I was at a loss, so I text my mom, asking her what to do.  In the meanwhile, I distracted him, which worked, for a little while anyway.  Eventually I just put him to bed, where he slept until his dad got home, and then some.

Mom suggested we take off his diaper and let it air out.  So we did.  About two hours of that, Lycan pooped in the hallway.  Hubby put him in the bath tub to clean up and that child acted like he didn't have a horrible rash on his little bum.  He was so happy and playful, splashing.  Child loves baths now.  He loves the water. 

While he was splashing, I remembered that we had baby powder!

After his bath, he dried him up extra good, and powdered his butt.  He was in much better moods after that!  Before we put him to bed, hubby put down a layer of diaper cream and powder, I'm just glad he didn't poop through the night.  Woke up in a much better mood this morning.  I fed him, changed his pee diaper and saw that the rash was almost gone.  Giant sigh of relief. 

With him teething, it's not going to be the first bout of diarrhea or rashes, but at least we have a game plan now.

Any tips or tricks about diaper rashes?


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