Monday, October 14, 2013


All right, well after nearly throwing up on Lycan while tryng to change his poopy diaper, I'm just going to come out and say it.  I'm pregnant again, and I knew it when I wrote that one post a few days ago about my what was aling me.  So if there are anyone here from my FACEBOOK, DO NOT TELL ANYONE, NOT EVEN ME!  Okay?  Secret from the Facebookers, from family and friends.  But I'm being slammed with symptoms and need a place to vent and journal. 

Yall will ruin my reveal plans if you blab, k.  Facebook friends and family who come across this bit of news, KEEP YER YAPS CLOSED AND FINGERS TIED UP!  K?  Cool?  Moving on. 

This is good news.  Scary, but good.  Scary because Lycan is only 9 months and some change, but exciting because it's another baby.  Lycan is an....exhausting child.  Very demanding and kind of whiny and his mommy.  He gets "no" when he wants to, but he's definitely a fan of testing the boundaries.  But overall he's a great child.  I just hope this one in my womb is more...chill.  More like his/her Uncle Brandon.

I'm only a couple weeks preggo, but knew it immediately.  My sense of smell shot up, my sensitivity to odors kicked back in.  I was nauseous and gagging all the time.  I see food and I want to puke.  I think about some foods and I start gagging.  And I'm hungry all the time.  I'm tired.  Boob pain.  Heartburn.  Can't focus for too long.  And it's only been 3 weeks!

Morning sickness, damned if I do, damned if I don't.  Nausous when I first wake up.  I eat and sometimes it works to make the nausea go away and other times I'm finding myself over the toilet.  It's worse when I'm at work.  Couldn't tell you how many times I've gone running to a bathroom, gagging!  Sucks!

My hormones JUST got back to normal, and now that I'm pregnant again, it's like they're going haywire.  I'm being SLAMMED, guys!  Extreme sensitivity to bad odors is a HORRIBLE symptom to have, especially with a baby.  I literally cannot change a poopy diaper without gagging violently and throwing up.  I can't properly change his diaper.  That's awful!  Most of his poops have been pretty clean, but this recent one was messy and I couldn't wipe his butt!  I just fought through it and put another diaper on him.

Guys, I've tried some things.  I put lotions, vapor rub, and even vinegar under my nose.  Doesn't help.  I need to remember to buy some nose plugs from work, see if that helps.  It's a god awful symptom to have.

I can't have sushi.  I can't have hot dogs or deli meats (well, I can if I cook them properly), which sucks because we bought a bunch for dinners and lunches a couple of days before I took the test.  I just discovered Pumpkin Spice Latte's and they are the shit, and now I can't bash on them like I want to because of the caffine.  I can't have some herbs that I love, like lavender.  Which I recently bought a big box of lavender tea.  Can't taste batters with raw eggs--luckily, I have hubby for that.  Can't have medium rare steaks or burgers.....all of these foods I've been enjoying since Lycan was born, lol.  No more.

Won't be able to handle some of the products at work, due to chemicals (like paint thinner) and/or weight.  I won't be able to pull/push the heavier L-Carts or pallets.  Shoot, and forget crouching down to put product away!  Now that's not for a while, but still.  Hopefully I still won't be stocker by then. 

My palets's gonna have to suffer again, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Gotta replace the junk with healthy foods again.  I've been taking Folic Acid until we can start buying prenatal's again.  And just gotta keep dealing with hiding my symptoms at work, but the stomach bug excuse isn't only going to last for long before they--mainly the mothers--are going to notice that something's up, and I've been using that reason for 2 weeks so far.  However, one of them is 2-3 weeks late with her period, so yeah, focus is off of me for now. 

Got me, possibly a co-worker, one of my friends, and a cousin (both are neck-and-neck--20 weeks) with a buns in our ovens.

So much to do.  At least, I'll be able to get health insurance without too much problem, unless the Government Shutdown is affecting that, too.  Last time we were denied because I was too far along.  WTF?  Really?  That's bullshit.  At least with Obamacare, Insurance companies won't be able to turn me away because of a "pre-existing condition".  Fucking sharks.  Gonna get that first--in the works--before we make an appointment.  We are NOT going back to the same hospital.  Screw that.

Won't be able to get on WIC as a preggo mom until the temper tantrum has ended.  Or re-certification for Lycan.

In other news, our landlord hiked up our rent by $40.  $40.  What?  Good thing we don't have a dog anymore!  This drafty, insect ridden, small apartment is NOT worth $710, AND they're going to start making us pay for water.  The fuck?  So yeah, my mom's offered to pay the deposit on an apartment or house if we move up to northern Columbus by her (she and my husband work at the same place and she's offered to carpool).  I'm going to start to look for work up there, sooner than later.  Or at least transfer to one of the stores by her.  That and the school systems are better where she is.  Hopefully by December/January (whenever rent is up) we're going to be moving.  Yay. 

What's going on with yall?


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