Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Costumes!

Yay, I ordered my period costume today.  I'm so excited.  Had to order it in parts, but still just thrilled that I was able to find the parts needed in my size.  I am a hefty chick afterall.  Hopefully the online place I ordered it from won't disappoint.

  • Tiered Petticoat
  •  Racerback Corset
  • Edwardian off the shoulder cropped blouse

A Victorian Bustle Dress is still on my list, as well as a parasol and a top hat.  I'm obsessed with Steampunk and clothing from 1850's-1960's.  It's a past life(s) coming through, saying, "Hey, remember me?"

AND I'll be able to wear the get-up to future Ren Faires.  YAY!

Instead of wearing a red cloak or cape, I'm going to be wearing a red shawl, although I wish I could find a red parasol, reasonably priced.  A different spin on Red.  That and if it's hot, I can use the parasol instead.  But I'm really hoping it's nice fall weather. 

But we're doing a family theme:  Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf, and Grandma.  Yes, hubby is dressing up as Grandma, although I think the Huntsman is better, but who am I to stop him from living his dreams and dressing in drag?  ;-)

Man, Wednesday, we drove all over north Columbus trying to find some Halloween places, especially ones that sold a particular wolf costume.  What's up with wolf costumes being hard to find?  I mean, retailers are selling some RANDOM baby costumes: triceratops, skunks, frogs, and some other horrid ideas that I can't remember.  However we found this one and totally love it!

I'm so excited!  Oh, and I need a basket to complete the illusion and for candy collection.

bounce bounce bounce!


  1. Oooh, very cool! I do steampunk EVERYTHING, but it kind of has to be a lifestyle for me, since it's part of my work. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of all of you (please tell me you'll post pictures).

    1. Absolutely! I know, when you write about dressing up, I'm always a tad jealous. :-) I'm just so excited that I was able to gather the funds and actually order some period clothes instead of just wishing and wanting. XD