Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pagan Kids and School

Here's two interesting links to dealing with intolerance concerning public schools and Paganism:

An Essay about Paganism for School Teachers

Concerning the second link, I disagree with the author about some things in this article like "A Pagan WILL" anything.  Not all Pagans are Witches.  Not all practice magik or even believe in it; not all care about nature, nor do we have both a God and a Goddess; nor do all celebrate the esbats or sabbats. 

There are just as many interpretations on "Pagan" as there on "Witch" or "Magik".

It's kinda of generalized, and a lot of us know that most generalized statements, or most of those with inclusive terms, are false.  But at least someone's taking a step in educating the masses.


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