Friday, August 16, 2013

Well, This Sounds Familiar

Course Nora doesn't seem too bad; not a name I would'n've chose, but, you know.  As for the other, if a parent wants to name their child 'Messiah' a judge should remain impartial, as is their job, and not interject their religious beliefs into the mix. 

How many Jesus' are there?  (hey-zeus)  So why can't a family name their son Messiah if they want?  Personally, I wouldn't name my child after a deity, but that's me.  Lots of people name their children after biblical and religious/spiritual people all the time, or give them names that have strong meanings of faith.  And yet here's this person, a judge no less, who's going to rule to have the child's first name changed because of their religious beliefs.  That's fucked up.    They should lose their job over that shit.  I know it's Tennessee, but still.  Come on.  Stop living up to the southern stereotype.

Just saying.


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