Sunday, August 25, 2013

On the Move!

Speaking of which, gotta go track him down!

Just explored mommy and daddy's bedroom. he's watching TMNT. he's taking a nap. 

Child is mobile!  Let me tell you what.  And he's not afraid of a little thing like a long dark hallway.  He may even crawl on down, and turn look, and smile at you, before continuing his journey into the unknown. 

And since daddy went and touched my vacuum cleaner, it's broken now.  I swear, that man is banned from ever touching one of my vacuum cleaner's again!  This is the second one he's broken.  I am not happy!  So now mommy's gotten creative with keeping the floor clean of particles that may interest baby.  I crawl around on his level, see what he sees.  What might be interesting and mouthable.  There's a lot that the vacuum misses!  Corners and crevasses one might not normally think to look.  Learning experience.  Diligence.  Constant Vigilance!  as Moody yells.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of this thing called Summer.  I'm totally ready for and excited about Fall; my favorite season!  Got lots planned for little man, too!  This year is my step mom and BFF's 5th annual apple and pumpkin picking event.  A nice little tradition, if I don't say so myself.  And the way Lycan's going, kid's probably gonna be walking by that time.  Take out your cameras!

Plus it'll be time for his 9 month photos.  Which my step mom and dad flopped on his 6 month photos, but I'm getting the 9 month if it kills me to save up the money for it.  If I had a camera, I'd do it myself, but I don't. 

It'll be his first Halloween/Trick or Treat and Samhain.  Unfortunately for me, despite that it's my favorite time of the year, butthole daddy has already decided on what Lycan's going to be.  Without even asking me.  Annoys me to no freaking end.  Dad's going to be Hawk and Lycan's going to be Animal, two retired WWE wrestlers.  Poo.  I wanted to find him a little wolf costume, so he'd be a little werewolf

I swear, our next kid, I'm getting the first Halloween pick.  I mean, shit, I carried him for 37 weeks and gave birth.  I wrecked my body for our family, not that it was in perfect condition before hand (plus it was a difficult, emotional pregnancy).  I should get first pick.  Not to mention that I work my ass off every day!  I work for 7 hours, then come home and watch Lycan for another 9-10 hours until daddy gets off work.  I get no sleep.  Plus, I'm still expected to clean the house?  Then get my measly 3 hours of sleep, just to get up and work the graveyard shift again.  At least DAVE gets to sleep for 8 or more hours, when Lycan's asleep.  I don't have that luxury, nor do I make nearly as much as Dave.  Needless to say, I'm a teeny tiny bit pissed off about it.  Whatever.

I mean hell, he picked his god awful name, I should get first Halloween pick.  I mean, Halloween's ONLY my favorite time of the year.  Nah, it's cool though.  And I have talked to him about it.  He whined, "But I've been planning this for a while.  Besides, it's my birthday."  Mother fucker, I've been planning this since I got pregnant!  Your argument is MOOT!  That's cool, whatever.  There will be other ones, right? 

Needed to get that out of my system, apparently.  Can't bitch about it on FB.

Although Lycan'll probably be spending Samhain with his grandparents, simply because this year's going to be our 3rd anniversary.  This year's the leather/crystal/pearl anniversary?  Maybe I'll get him a new wallet, a Redwings wallet?  I mean, I actually have a job and some money to get my husband something nice this year, since I flopped in the last two.  Not to mention birthdays and Yule's.  He doesn't mind, but I do, especially since he's gotten me things....even though I've asked him not to. 

Then again, Dave's big 30th birthday party has been ruined by his little brother's hasty wedding plans.   Been with his girl since December.  Marrying her in the beginning of November.  Ah, young love.  Get this, they're only marrying because people of their church are uncomfortable with them spending so much time together.  Da hell?  Mind yer business.  I guess that's how it's done down in the Bible Belt.  Instead of being mature adults, they go and tell the church on ya.  It's just so....childish to me.  Whatever, ain't my life.  It's not even a shotgun wedding.  They're getting married out of peer pressure.  Talk about all the wrong reasons for a wedding!

Alright, enough gossip.

In other news, my SIL is due to be induced tomorrow, so sometime we'll be heading back down to West Virginia to see our new nephew, Silas Cameron.  Going to be working some candle magik when they induce her, to ensure a quick and healthy delivery.

Well, it's just about time for some breakfast for Wolfman.  Overall, I'm excited about Fall and sharing the experiences with Lycan and family. 

So, what's going on with yall?


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