Monday, August 26, 2013

New Addition to the Family!

My nephew, Silas Cameron, was born today at 11 am:

7 lbs, 14 oz

Congrats Katey and Stephen!

Just another August birthday.  So far, we have Justin on the 24th, Silas on the 26th, and Gabrielle on the 28th.  Another Virgo.  We're hoping to have another non-August kid, lol.   Four months to not aim for are March, August, October, and December.  Too many birthdays in those months.  Most of my family is in March, including myself.  Although it would be interesting to have a girl born on mine, since I'm born on my mom's, but then, I don't know if I could handle another Aries....  Then the most of the cousins are born in August, minus the twins who're born in September.  October and December are heavy with Dave, his mom, and his brothers. 

Lycan and his cousin Gabrielle are exactly 4 months apart, her first birthday is coming up real quick.  Oughta make for interesting parties when they're all older.  Gonna have to be some cordination between parents. 


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