Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Fever? Already?!

No.  Way.


It's kind of hard to not get in the mood with all of the preggers around me.  My cousin is pregnant (and high risk due to her age), an old high school friend is pregnant, and my SIL is due to be induced on the 26th of this month (gonna have a boy).  So yeah, I'm guilty of having baby on the brain.  Lycan's only 32 weeks old and I'm already thinking about a siblings for him.  Crazy.

My cousin and friend are due around the same time (February).

No way are we financially or mentally prepared for another kid right now!  Trying to get our finances on track and hope to have it good by the time Lycan's one-years-old, THEN we were going to start trying for number two.

But in any case, I already know how I'll break the news and gender to my family, IF my mom doesn't pick up on it first.  Lady knew I was pregnant exactly 2 weeks after my missed period last time.  I didn't even know!  So hopefully the next one can remain a secret.  Anyway, Pinterest, as usual, is a great place for ideas.


Pinterest is awful!  Go there for an image, end up reorganizing boards.  ::sigh::  Alright, an half hour of my life gone, back to the announcement idea:

My mom knows I like to bake, so just say that I want her to try a new flavor or something.  Have the cake be pretty normal on the outside, maybe double layer since I've been experimenting with those lately.  Regular chocolate or white icing, maybe some party sprinkles.  But on the inside, use either pink or blue icing.  Let her cut into her and see how long it takes for her to get it, kind of thing.

Or maybe cookies or pancakes or something.....

But we'll see.  Maybe I'll have a new idea by the time I'm actually preggo.

Okay, baby boy is going to be waking up soon.  Best get other things down.  But first:

Daddy's Little Slugger!

Proud momma moment:  Having my 7-month-old crawl all the way down the dark hallway, sans daddy, to wake me up.  Usher in a new era of excitement and exhaustion!


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  1. Hm, I don't think it's crazy. I know many women go for baby #2 (or 3 or 4, etc.) immediately. Others wait. It's all about what will work for you guys. And even if it's not practical right now, I don't feel like you're crazy for having baby-making on the brain. :)

    Oh, isn't the mobility wonderful (she says, sarcastically)? But I'll tell you what: if I were to close Rowan in a room with a tray of kitty litter, a bowl of cat food, and a bowl of water, she'd be a happy camper for at least 15 minutes. Imagine what I could get done...